Review: Kimchi Bambi (aka. Vassen Bambi Queen) Pink

(So clearly, when I said 'look for the review on Sunday or Monday,' I actually meant 'look for the review on Tuesday, since the internet will crap out  Sunday + Monday.) Anyway, these here lenses were sponsored by the ever-so-awesome Apple of Your Eyes (aka. Serenity Shop).

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Enlargement: 9.5/10  The Kimchi Bambi series is 14.8~15.0 mm, and is a bit more enlarging than the G&G/Dueba/Candy Bambi 3-tone series.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  This pink, like many from Vassen/Kimchi, is a purple-tinted pink.  It is a medium  shade, and is rather opaque.  Of course, this has the typical 'Bambi'-style design that Geo popularized, but the inner ring of 'brown' is a bit different than most Bambi-style series:  the blending colour turns out orange when worn. (Or at least, on me it does.)  This creates an interesting effect when side by side with the pink portion of the lens: all of this simply makes these lenses' colour even more vibrant. <3


- (Japan) Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink vs. Kimchi Bambi Pink -

- EOS Max Super Neon (WM-209) Pink vs. Kimchi Bambi Pink -

Comfort: 9/10  These are about as comfy as any other Kimchi or Vassen lens, but because of the large diameter and the thickness of the pigment, they do tire my eyes out (or dry them out) earlier than other lenses.

Overall, I was really excited to try these lenses and they didn't disappoint.  They're dramatic and vibrant-- two of my favourite lens features. Haha. I kind of wish the pink was more pastel, but with my new hair colour, some pastels look weird.  Still, the crazy, interesting colour they do turn out is just as lovable.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. Really like :) Those are intense on you. Some reason I like these better than the apple greens. I don`t know why I don`t raelly like those, even though they are almost the same as these. Intense lenses always look good on you though :)

  2. Yay for intense lenses! Haha
    The center burst of it really makes it much more vibrant, and I think it has an orange tint on just about everyone ^^
    I like the neon pinks though :O those look amazing!

  3. They're cute, and I love how intense they look on you, but I preffer green or blue colours.. and violet ^^

  4. Siiiiiiiigh. I just can't find a pink lens that looks right on me. Jealous D:

  5. No me gusta. They're... uhm... boring D:

  6. That's actually one of the reasons I went back to black hair. Some lenses just don't look as appealing with my other colors Dx Like, I prefer blue contacts with black hair. It looks odd with my auburn/brown hair.

    Good to know these are pretty comfortable though. I was concerned about that x3

  7. umm... What diameter is this exactly? On serenity shop, it says 16mm but on the others, it says 15mm... I'm soo confused!

    1. Exactly? Who knows. Haha.

      I believe that the majority (if not all) of Kimchi's lenses are 15 mm. (14.8~15.0) Actually, almost ALL of Vassen's (which makes Kimchi) new series are 15 mm.

      So these are almost definitely 15 mm. ((Pinky Paradise has them as 14.5 mm, but I actually don't always trust their measurements. Haha.))

  8. Gosh I'm getting confused with so many contact lenses nowadays. I think there was another Bambi one that I liked more. The one by Tsubasa? Not sure if it's the same but somehow it looks different.

    Btw I'm having a giveaway so feel free to participate! ^_^

  9. Bambi lenses really makes your eyes pop~ I love all Bambi lenses =X

    I'm wearing the Kimchi Blue recently Hee <3

  10. hi dear! how are you?
    ow i love your hair like this *_* you are blonde now! \o/

    omg so sorry i stopped to come here ..u.u
    but your blog still awesome! love the new reviews!
    this pink lenses are amazingggggggg O.O I WANT *_*v auhahuhuahua

    big kisses for you <3