Quick Update + What's Coming Up Next

Hey y'all! :]  Hope your week has been going well so far! I just thought I'd put up this quick post to let you know I've not died.

However, my camera's USB cord has died. Haha.  (Actually, to be specific, one of the pins broke off.)  My new one is due to arrive tomorrow, so I should have a review up, finally, for the Komi Look 4D (Flower Petal) Green (aka. Luxury Babe 15 Green).  Huzzah!

(^ Review on Friday/Saturday! Finally. ^)
-- ---

Then I'll be posting info on the new giveaway on Sunday/Monday.

Additionally, I'll be posting the first of a series of 'Forgotten Reviews' soon.  Basically, they will feature lenses I had a few years ago, before I was using my blog to post lens reviews~.  So you'll see combined reviews for some of my very first lenses! And (really old & embarrassing) pics of me looking young and not knowing how to appear more photogenic. Haha.
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In further news, I may have to start another new series this summer, called Rebuilding my Wardrobe.  Because last week, I somehow managed to get nearly all of my clothing at my university thrown into a dumpster. (And then taken away by a friendly, early-morning garbage truck.)

Awesome. :/ So yeah. I ended up losing about half of my entire wardrobe (a lot of it my professional pieces and my most-worn casual stuff). Ugh.

So I'll be trying to build my wardrobe back up by the coming school year. :D

--  ---

TL;DR-  I should be able to upload + edit pics for new reviews tomorrow, the new giveaway begins Sunday/Monday, I'm starting a new 'series' of posts featuring lenses I owned 2 or 3 years ago, and I have half of my wardrobe to replace by September.


  1. Looking forward too all the reviews!
    These new green ones look awesome <3

    Sorry about your clothes :{ Hopefully you can get new ones soon!

  2. The flower greens are so pretty! I thought they'd be darker but nope! I can actually see the other colors clearly still, looking forward to to full review :3 and aww mahn losing half your wardrobe D: bit the good part is getting a new one ;D haha

  3. Oh no that's so horrible! Building a new wardrobe is fun, though, and now you have the perfect reason to do so!

    Can't wait for the review of this lens. :3 I love the colour~

  4. Oh. my. god! How could that happen to your wardrobe?!? How could your stuff go there? O__O That's a super horrible situation, I'm loving every single piece of my wardrobe :'D I wouldn't be so sad if I had enough money for a new one..

    And I look forward to your lens review, the floral pattern looks gorgeous! :)