Review: Geo Xtra Crystal Brown (WI-A14)

You guys! I have so much good + exciting news! My lovely sister started a blog (finally), I am putting together a giveaway, and I'm leaving for vacation/to stay with family in a week. (I'll make a post about it soon.)  ---  Anyway, these fancy little lenses were very nicely sponsored by Lens Village.  (These lenses can be found as the 'Geo WI-A14' on their site~.)

[[ While I have you as my captive audience, actually, allow me to, as usual plug the Lens Village Blog, which is chock full of lens reviews!   Actually.... so is Review Circle Lens. So go! Go and read all the lens reviews. ]]

Enlargement:  9.5/10 At 15 mm, these lenses look pretty darn big. Or they do on my eyes, anyway.

Colour/Design:  8/10 There is not much to say about this series: it is a design replica of the Vassen/i.Fairy Super Crystal (aka. Pretty Crystal) series' design. The colour, though, is not one I am used to seeing from Geo. It is a rather light and wan, golden brown, where most of this brand's brown lenses are darker. A green tint is almost visible in these, too. However, the pigment is not fully opaque, so although the colour is pale/light, it still looks somewhat 'weak' sometimes.

(Inside out, though? This lens is an interesting, ghostly pale grey-green-yellow-brown. ...I accidentally put one on inside out, as I do not actually wear lenses that way. Haha.)

^ (inside out) ^


- Luxury Babe 12 Brown vs. Geo Xtra Crystal Brown -

- Prodigurls Bvlgari Brown vs. Geo Xtra Crystal Brown) -

Comfort:  8.5/10 Tale as old as time: Noxin's eyes do not like Geo lenses. :/ That being said, these are of medium comfort to me, considering all the Geo lenses I have worn. (Other folks find this brand just fine, though.)

Overall, this is one of those lenses that I have mixed feelings about. Typically, if a lens is a light, visible colour, I am all of a flutter.  However, for some reason, I am not super fond of the Xtra Crystal Brown.  Oddly enough, I think it might be the design that is throwing me off.

That is, with this design, and with Geo's usual brown pigment (often a darker + more subtle one), I expected a subtler lens all around.  (Almost like the Grang Grang series: that it would add a sparkle to dark brown eyes.)  Now I am trying to figure out if I like these lenses. @_@

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.

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  1. Hmm I find these a little weird! Maybe it's the colour, they're more of a cream corn colour haha.

  2. The look kinda greenish/ grey to me. They don't look 15mm too - looks smaller. I like them on you, I think it suits with your hair colour :)

  3. These do appear more grey than brown especially next to the Luxury Babe.

  4. I sort of like their design but I agree that the color is a little weird.I've seen reviews on the original I.Fairy version of these and the color seems different. Its just odd that this would be the brown version since the other colors in the original I.Fairy series seem so bright.

  5. They look nice, though they are pretty strange :0. I'll never understand why so many "brown" lenses are yellow though, lol.

  6. The brown is slightly different. Kind of a greenish grey tint to them, it isn't bad though imo :P

  7. Anonymous31/7/12 10:56

    Hi it's Ruth I was looking for your review on the dollyeye browns but can't find it. Do you remember where you purchased the dollyeye browns?

    1. Hey there! :] Yeah, back when I got my Dollyeye Browns, my blog wasn't really going yet. Haha.

      And yep! I remember exactly where I bought my Dollyeyes... However, that was, like, 3 years ago, and the store has since closed. :[[

      Luckily, the EOS Dollyeye series is one of the most popular series out there, so it's no problem finding places to buy 'em~.

  8. My eyes also don't care for Geo lenses and I have to say...i'm not a huge fan of these. I can't quite specify why but....I just find them boring.

  9. are the lenses sold at lens village based on US dollar? and where is the shop based in? i would really love to get a pair of decent lenses right now XD

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  11. I think it's a bit to the grey side too, but still looks lovely on you =)
    Geo lenses are ok to my eyes not the smaller diameter range and the ones with lots of color tones =X

  12. very strange color but i think they're nice. i kinda want them but i think all my friends would give me a hard time about wearing such an unnatural color, heh.

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