Review: i.Fairy Cara Red

Hi! What's up, friends? :]   Hope you had a good weekend! (I have two job interviews coming up. YES.)  In any case check out these super-sweet lenses that the Apple of Your Eyes sponsored me! <3
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(My hair reminds me of Russell Brand back in '06/'07...)

Enlargement: 9/10 These are supposed to be 15 mm, as I remember, and they enlarge pretty well.

Colour/Design: 10/10 Firstly, these lenses are nearly more pink than red. (Which I am absolutely fine with. <3)  Secondly, the colour is exceedingly opaque, light, and vibrant. In about any lighting. (Huzzah!)  Ehm, this series is pretty interesting, design-wise. Each colour has yellow as a part of it (I believe they're 4 or 5 tone lenses).

There's a dark circle, bit it's thin-- not all too prominent/obvious.  ((Oh! Fun fact: the i.Fairy Cara series is an exact design match to the [Dueba] Otoo Eye/OT Star series.  The difference? Available colours, and that the Cara series is made by Vassen, while the OT Star is made by Dueba.))


- MI E-Type Red vs. i.Fairy Cara Red -

- i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. i.Fairy Cara Red -

- i.Fairy Nova Red vs. i.Fairy Cara Red -

Comfort: 10/10  i.Fairy/Vassen lenses are generally rather comfortable for me. :]

Overall? THESE ARE FANTASTIC (Baby). They're light and bright, have a super-unique design/pattern, and are comfortable. They're a triple threat, and definitely making their way into some of my favourite lenses ever.  I really want to try a few other colours from this series now.

('cool' lighting)

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.

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  1. Good luck on your interviews! Let us know how it goes. I love your crimped hair- it's so full of volume!!

  2. Those are intense! Love them on u :)

  3. I love this series! :}
    Imo your hair is really cute hehe~~
    Thank you for reviewing once again

  4. Good luck on your interviews! The design on these lenses are AMAZING.

  5. Those are gorgeous! *_*

  6. LOVE THEM. Totally a fan.

  7. These are such interesting lenses! I sort of want to try out the brown pair because I think the red ones would be a little too crazy for my taste. They look adorably crazy on you though!

  8. These are crazy bright! That's so awesome! And yeah, they aren't a true red, but have a pink tone. And congrats on the job interviews ^^ Hope you do well!

  9. these lenses are amazing! super for cosplay! <3333

  10. Woooow, I really, really like these! The red is more of a soft peachy red.. almost! Looks very nice.. Is there a colour you CAN'T pull off!? haha

  11. Anonymous1/9/13 09:18

    Oh this is so awesome!! :D Do a review on the blue ones too, please!! <3 I would like to see them comparison between the blue and the red ones as well!

  12. I am a bit confused; sometimes I fairy cara red circle lenses look so vibrant and bright. The red was like shining i saw on the other girl. She too had dark brown eyes.On your eyes these are looking kinda orangish-red. see here I fairy looks so bright red circle lenses

    Anyhow thanks for the review and the comparison. Looking forward for more reviews of big eye contact lenses