Store Review: Apple of Your Eyes (aka. Serenity Shop)

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This is a review of Apple of Your Eyes (aka. Serenity Shop). Full disclosure: yes they sponsor me, but that does not mean I can't review their packaging, presentation, communication, and even shipping method(s).

No, they did not ask me to do a store review: I just think it would be nice to give some insight into their service level. Hopefully, this is helpful/informative.

Shipping Time

Apple of your Eyes is located in Malaysia (and is run by the lovely Allyson). On average, parcels coming from about any nation in Asia take 2 1/2 weeks or so to be delivered to me. (I live in the northeast of the USA.)  In terms of how quickly the store actually ships out the lenses once the order has been processed (which takes 3-5 business days), that is usually quick. :]

[[ And as always, I have to say:  it's very important that online shoppers realize something about the ordering process from any website: a shop does not control how quickly the post delivers a package.  That is, once a shop sends an item out, no matter what level of post it goes through (express or standard), the time it takes to get to you is out of their hands.]]

The Box/Package

The envelope my lenses come in is unlined (no padding), but there are a 2-3 layers of bubblewrap around the lenses.  (You can see the envelope below, as well as the separated layers of bubblewrap.)

(So much bubblewrap~. <3)

The video also shows exactly how much bubblewrap there is: I unwravel it and stretch it to its full length.

^ Last of all, here's a little picture of all the lenses together! ^


Alright, so I've mentioned the shipping time and the packaging.  All that's left is to talk about the communication! Like many web-based businesses, they are closed on the weekends.  Therefore, there is a 2-day 'delay' if you contact (or order from) them during the weekend.  Otherwise, if you contact Apple of Your Eyes, you should receive a reply in a rather timely manner. If I remember properly, 2-3 days on average for me.

Overall, I've ordered from this shop several times, and been sponsored even more.  Each of these experiences were positive, and Ally was there to help (and answer questions) to the best of her ability. Her store also has an amazing, huge variety of lens series and brands.  The prices are also super reasonable, and there is usually a sale or clearance selection.

So why are you still here? Shoo! Head over to Apple of Your Eyes and shop around~!


Video Review
 You can see the video review here on YouTube, or just watch it below.



  1. :0 you're doing a review for those lenses?Oh wow, I can't wait to see the luxurybabe and prodigurls reviews!

  2. WUah @.@ so many! Can't waitttt! haha And I think store reviws are a good idea, especially since so many people on soompi ask if a store is reliable or not :P

  3. Anonymous15/4/13 01:18

    i just wanted to say u helped me pick out my red lenses... and i think you my dear are adorable much love from SomeScorpioChick