Review: Prodigurls Bvlgari Brown

Hey theerreeee. So I finally went back to the salon and got my hair (re)coloured!  :D  What colour did I choose out of those options I mentioned before?  Well, just look below! Oh! Oh, yeah--- and the lenses I'm reviewing are very kindly sponsored by Apple of Your Eyes. (Whose store I just reviewed.)
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(This is early evening lighting: both the lenses and my hair are actually lighter)

Enlargement:  8.5/10  Gods know the actual DIA of these lenses (closer to 15.0), as the packaging has an inaccurate 16.0 mm listed ( -_-' ).  The enlargement they give my eyes is actually rather noticeable: equivalent to maybe a 14.7~14.8 mm lens.

Colour/Design:  9.5/10  These lenses remind me, in colour, of the i.Fairy Kirei Brown: both have a pale-looking brown. (This brown can look almost greyish in some lightings~.)  They also remind me of the Geo Angel Brown when seen from a distance, in terms of design.  In any case, this lens is very dolly and the colour has great visibility, even though there is not much coverage/coloured area.


Comfort:  10/10  These were some of the comfiest lenses I have ever worn. <3

(I've to go back and get the blonde highlights in one or two weeks)

All in all, it is as I said in the video review:  I like these lenses a lot more than I thought I would.  Brown lenses, to me, tend to be more subtle and natural-looking.  However, these are pleasantly not subtle. Haha.  The enlargement is pretty noticeable, but I don't even notice with their colour and design.  Favourite (not natural-looking) brown lens? The Bvlgari Brown.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.
(Video is from before I got my hair dyed~)

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  1. The hair and lenses both look really nice! Especially together!<3

  2. Those are really pretty!I love how the coloring of them is similar to your hair color whiccccchhhhh is also super cute!

  3. I like your hair color! And yhese are a pretty brown color :3 the lens itself is a ring design.

  4. Wow, awesome haircolor noxin! It looks really good on you, it's such a warm color! :)

  5. Love it! It matches you totally. and the first photo of you modeling the lens looks perfect! love the hair, the pose, the lens, everything! My geo angels just expired I might get these :) thanks for the review!

  6. These look great on u! I love your hair straight and that colour :) The lenses kind of remind me of the geo wing series :)

  7. I'm not quite into over-the-top-lenses so these are perfect! They look very subtle from afar.


  8. Oh wow! These look super cute on you! They DON'T look natural but somehow do? I don't know if that makes sense.

  9. Love to read your blog! your blog is awesome!