Buying Into a Trend: Big Plaid Shirts~

Dilemma: I don't have all too defined a waist, and I feel as though I have broad shoulders.  Bigger dilemma: I love the look of loose shirts; fobby style all the way! I've always especially liked the loose plaid blouses. You know, the overlong plaid tops? Everyone else always makes them look so easy to wear, but usually, the whole thing just looks wonky on me. 

Luckily, I finally found one whose fit I like. : D  Thanks to Max Azria (and supposedly Miley Cyrus) for a sweet line of plaid tops. ♥ 
(Dressing Room pics)

(Weird art because my actual face was weird enough. Haha.)
Above is the medium top which I like singly by itself, but beloooww...

...is the large size.  I like the large because, #1- it feels more fobby, and #2- I can unevenly button it for that slightly rumpled look which I also love. 

So... I haven't actually bought the shirt yet, but I will once I can choose one of the sizes. C:  I'll also need a good pair of skinnies, and to figure out how to wear a belt with a blouse. 

Huh... maybe this will actually take a bit of work...


  1. Ok... I definitely would buy the large one. The medium size looks very well but I think you can experiment more diferent outfits with the large, and if you want a tighter look you can use a belt on your waist and it'll look like the medium top.
    About the belt, if you want your shirt to look fobby use belts on your hips: like her http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v715/eyuen/Vince_bigT.jpg
    and if you want to notice your waist and look tighter use the belt on your waist or upper like here: http://files5.lookbook.nu/files/looks/medium/262610__MG_9336.jpg
    I hope you're not too bored hahaha
    bye ^.^

  2. omg i love plaid as well! i actually have one that looks just like that except black and white! yours actually looks better though =]

  3. cute cute cute!! I love it! yeah the bigger size looks nicer! Good choice! ;)

  4. I would take the medium size one for sure, you can totally pair it with skinny denim leggings or a denim short underneath and you can even were it with out a belt i think =) , and omg hahaha I love what you said about the cartoonish drawings you did, I don't think they are weird, they are funny in a good way =)

  5. Teddy- Oh la la~. Not boring at all. Very useful links. Thanks so much! :]

    Jhoy- Oh la la~. o: I was looking for a grey and white/black and white version of the red one, but to no avail-- and bahh- I'm sure yours is equally adorable. :3

    Bunny- I know right? Plaid gets me every time. <33

    Amandita- Haha- thanks! And yeah-- the medium would definitely go well with shorts and such, but then the large, I feel, would look darling with long slouchy boots or even 'cowboy' ones. Both sizes are good in their own way. Hard choice~~.

  6. hey hun, i think the shirt dress looks cute! i think go for the top photo (medium) because it fits you better under the arms, the large in my opinion does look a bit too big.
    i seen someone wear a plaid shirt tucked into a tulle skirt and some military style boots and they actually looked fantastic. I've personally worn a mens shirt, a belt and some heels and I think it looked great lol. pushing the boundaries is fun.

    hey as for the shutter island flick - teddy IS sane. this is a long description and will take you a good 10 minutes to read but seriously, it's worth it.