Off Topic: About Real Life, Y'all

Where've I been, you ask?...

Sooo.... you may've noticed that I've been super inactive on Blogger recently, in terms of following all you wonderful folks whose blogs I'm subscribed to, and in terms of posting to my own blog.

There's a very simple reason for this: I've been 'booted' from school for the semester. : D  

Okay, okay, so I really wasn't kicked out or anything, but I did have to leave for the rest of the current semester.  The full story would take up waayyy too much text, so allow me to shorten it to a simple version: I registered for classes, got housing, moved in to my university dorm, and began to attend classes.  

Then, my student loan company emailed + called me saying that my loan hadn't disbursed yet.  I emailed the registrar's office and thus the Saga began.  Basically, this all culminated in my going to the Office of Housing, having them stop a process to change the lock on my door, and arranging to speak with the university's registrar himself.  The head honcho over at housing assured me that I'd see my case fixed and that this happened to 'someone' every semester, and so long as they were attending classes, the situation could be rectified. Huzzah-- good news!

So... two days later, during my meeting with the registrar, I'm told that they, in fact, cannot fix my situation and that so long as a student is not registered full-time for classes (over 12 credits), that they can't remain in university housing.  Lo and behold, according to the school's system, I had 0 courses and therefore: 0 credits.  Sooo.... I had to get the hell outta' dodge. Haha.
So yeah. I made sure that I could make up the rest of the credits next semester and would not end up in a 'hole' at the start of next school year, and then I went back to my room and started packing.  I had to leave by Saturday (2 days later), or else, I'd be paying out of pocket for three weeks of housing instead of just two. That would mean USD $750.  

Now I only owe $500. :D  I'll go back to school for the next semester in another 3 months

So there you go-- I've been moving home, making calls, and moping about a bit for the last week and a half, so that's where I was.  I'm actually not bitter or angry at all. Just... peeved that all the coursework I'd already done was rendered useless. Haha. Oh, and that circle lenses are in my school mailbox... an hour away from me. I have to take a drive up one day next week for the mail I left behind, I suppose...
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I'm back, dears~.


  1. :( ... *hugs*

    At least you're taking this all really well... I think I would have been more devastated than how you seem.

    Good luck next semester!

  2. oh man :( that sucks -- but you seem pragmatic (and kinda chipper actually ^^) so that's good :D Maybe it'll be good to have a break anyway~ esp if you won't be behind in the end :)

  3. oh dear.... D: that is sooo much hassle! But a break isn't always bad~!! Glad to have you back bloggin! Missed your blogs very much so! Good luck!!

  4. :S This is horrible, I hope It's all fixed soon. I have missed you, and I love you are here again!!
    The good side is that you have free time now, like more holidays huh?
    Enjoy it!! ^^