Review: G&G GP-Type Green

Merci a Kiwiberry1's Collection for yet another gorgeous lens with quick delivery. :]  This time, it's for a pair of green lenses I like. *gasp* The GP-Type series has some gorgeous lenses--- don't be surprised if you see me with the greys sometime in the future. Haha

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My most beloved G&G GP Greens. So bright. And wonderful-- and super-cool next to the GP Brown, which I bought along with them.

Enlargement: 8.5/10 Though they're 14.5 mm, they feel more like 14.2s or even 14.0s-- perhaps its not-overly thick circle? I'm used to seeing huge black circles on the bigger lenses. Either way, they really do look pretty enlarging, but unless I'm comparing one eye with the lens with one without it, I never notice...

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 The only reason this isn't a 10 out of 10 is that I wanted a little more colour from these. That is, the ring of colour is a bit thin for my taste (reminiscent of my disliked EOS Flower Greens)-- however, the colour is such a lovely, bright green. It's spring green: light, but not quite pastel, and with more blue in it. It'sjust very pretty overall~. (The first pic is their true-to-life colour.)

 (low light)


- G&G GP-Type Brown vs. G&G GP-Type Green -

Comfort: 9/10 G&G's always really comfy for me, though not quite on par with EOS (or Neo).

Overall, these are my favourite pair of green lenses. Ever. Even compared with my new Neo Celeb Greens, and my awesome MI Dizon Greens, these GP Greens come out on top: they're just so effing pretty. ; 3; Especially when I find an article of clothing/an accessory with the exact same shade. Mmmm~. Methinks my search for the perfect green lenses, has ended. Happily. ♥ (So long as you include my Neo Celeb Green as part of the 'best green lenses ever' list.)

P.S. Have these three extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
And the video review is viewable here on YouTube, or you can view it below.


  1. gah I'm DYING to get G&G lens but my eye sight is so bad :( -5.5, -7.00) the only place I can get lens without pre-ordering is PP...how is PP btw? There are so many reviews but I noticed in the last 6 months the number of unhappy customers has gone up...complaints about receiving lens 2-3 months later, nonworking tracking etc. I'm looking to get a set of lens for Halloween and with PP's 14-25 weekday shipping, I have my doubts I'll get them in time.... WHat do you think?

    Speaking of, these green lens are wicked, they're so bright! I like how you matched it with your shirt ^^ also what do you think about GEO Twins green? I heard they're pretty vibrant...I'm looking for something bright green but not so neon (looks good on you tho xD)?

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! WoW! I've never seen so bright green contacts in my life! I'll definitely get this when I'm looking for a bright green contacts! Thank you for the review! Very convincing > <!!

  3. Wow! I'm actually looking for some green lenses that show the colour, and I think they are exactly what I want... But, what do you know about g&g A type?
    Thanks for another cute review!!

  4. oh long time no see, I never get tired of circle they are just so damn cool.. And you are just so damn cool.. Oh could not agree more about your comment... Sometimes I think that the girls that were doing my make up werent real MAC girls =) lol oh that so mean.. But idk MAC people are usually bolder =) maybe its cuz its SPain lol

  5. Nice contact colors!!!!! ^_^

  6. Elle- Thanks! And the Twins green is definitely vibrant, but not quite neon, yes. It'd be great! And you've already order from PP, so you've got that whole thing answered now. ;P

    Bunny- I agree. I'd never seen a brighter green before I saw these. <3

    Amandita- Haha. Maybe, maybe. Perhaps MAC Spain has a more subtle vibe to it?... anyway, thank you muchly! I, too, never tire of circle lenses, clearly.

    TeddyCat- Mm, I don't really know all tha much about the A-Type series, just that Kiwiberry1's Collection has the 2tones. http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com/2010/05/g-pre-order.html (She also has pics up~)

    Michelle- Thank you!

  7. Anonymous10/9/12 01:05

    Hello, I love your review'm from Brazil and would like to know your opinion about the increase they have, they greatly increase? she is so nice and look so vibrant, thanks!