Review: G&G GP-Type Brown (aka. "Vampire Twilight" Brown)

Once more, thanks to Kiwiberry for an awesome set of lenses-- I bought this pair at the same time as I did the GP Greens.

♥- Don't forget to use the discount code, NOXIN, to get 15% off your purchase at Kiwiberry! <3 -♥
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The Dueba/G&G GP-Type Brown are orange. Dreams do come true.

Enlargement: 8.5/10 (Exact same as their green counterparts~.) Though they're 14.5 mm, they feel more like 14.2s or even 14.0s-- perhaps it's not-overly thick circle? I'm used to seeing huuge black circles on the bigger lenses. Either way, they really do look pretty enlarging, but unless I'm comparing one eye with the lens to one without it, I never notice...

Colour/Design: 10/10 Orange lenses, man. I HAVE ORANGE CIRCLE LENSES.  <333  I've been hoping to see orange circle lenses for quuuittee some time now, and lo and behold: G&G/Dueba have had them for ages. Haha. Oh, and I've noticed the ring on these is closer to a dark brown than a black. The green GPs' ring is more like a dark grey than a black. Sweet~.

(true-to-life colour)

 (low light)


G&G GP Brown vs. G&G GP Green

Comfort: 8.5/10 G&G's always really comfy for me, and so are these, but for one day there, these lenses were killing my eyes. D: Not sure if I was having a bad allergy day or what, since it was a one-off, but still. It sucked. Haha. (The next time I wore them, they felt fine.)


As I've already said, orange circle lenses have been something I've wanted for some time, so when the modeled pics of these were put up by Kiwi, I instantly had to get them as well. (I'd originally planned on purchasing the GP Greens by themselves.) And thus: true love was fouunnd~. :33 And yes, you can say it, since I've heard it so many times already: they look like "Twilight eyes". -_-' Something I didn't account for when wishing for orange circle lenses... All the same, I LOVE THEM. ♥
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Haven't done this in a while, but here are some extra pics, CUZ I CAMWHORED: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.Whew~!

And here is the video review, or it can be watched below.


  1. They look very good on you... Even I'm not to keen on orange lenses I think these are interesting and I really notice the enlargement!!

  2. You wear them well! They look very otherworldly.

  3. hehe..talk about bold. I think you win topper on this one nox. My lenses are subtle compared to yours and you wear them real well :)

  4. lol it was kinda weird seeing "Noxin" on my blogspot instead of Gaia or soompi, but it was a very good weird! How are you? Thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

    Yes i guess i lost a bit of weight on my face, so that is what everyone is saying. I been really sick so i guess it shows. I am glad you found the video helpful~ You have amazingly nice skin ^_^

    I bet your sister is jealous lol.

  5. TeddyCat- Aw thanks! And yeah... I notice the enlargement more with these than the greens.

    Sara- Haha, thanks. Our 'competition' goes on...

    Janie- I'm great, thanks! And urk-- sorry you hear you've been so out of it-- glad you're healthier now. And thank you! I've been having this terrible breakout these past 2 months, but it's starting to clear up, luckily. @_@

    shuaddict- Merci, merci. And yeah, I like how intense/ odd the colour is. <3

  6. omg orange! This colour is so unique.. Not just the usual brown and it looks kinda good too ^_^

  7. They look so good on you, hehe you look like a werewolf, but not the creepy one!!
    I need your help because I want to buy them too, I found 2 in honeycolor, the sites are below, which one is it??
    Vangelis, Greece