All I Can Say Is: Pray. (....and maybe 'walk walk, fashion, baby')

I very much doubt there is need (nor capability, truly) for me to explain the continuing, devastating occurrences in Japan.  Words will not suffice.  I can only offer my deepest condolences to those affected: directly and indirectly.  

Having come from somewhere that is, itself, used to and prepared for significant natural disasters/events (Jamaica), I can say that no matter how 'used to' something (hurricanes, in our case) people are, and no mater how much they steel themselves and their own buildings against said natural force, you are never really prepared to deal with something on such a severe magnitude.   

Whether it's an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, or whatever else, people will need help to rebuild. Emotionally or literally, it doesn't matter.    

On that note, though I am not an overtly or specifically religious person, I am rather spiritual and have a strong belief in the power of positive, loving thinking. Or as many others phrase it prayer.  So pray I shall.
*  *  *

Alright, so on a lighter note, I do like to donate when I can (and it would be remiss to exclude the maaany other countries who've suffered similarly devastating earthquakes and other disasters-- I'm lookin' at you, Haiti, Pakistan, and Christchurch, NZ among others.)   

The usual, easy way is via a quick text message donation that ends up on my phone bill, but this time, I decided to try something different.

From Lady Gaga.
It's a pretty cool idea: the bracelet price starts at $5, but you can choose your own price if you wanna' augment your donation amount. <3  All proceeds go to the relief effort in Japan. (Excluding shipping, which is $3.99 for standard mail.)

If you wanna' check this bracelet out, the link to it is right here: click
And if that's a bit too skeevy for you, there's always donation via the good ol' Red Cross.

I'll be back tomorrow with a post about something that isn't a circle lens. O:  Haha.

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