Thanks for 100 Followers + Forgotten OOTD #1

(Technically-- it's 105, as of this morning. Haha.)  Thanks so much to all my followers! ♥♥ I truly appreciate when anyone takes tot time to even glance at my blog, much less, read it or Follow it.

In the future I'll strive to:  1.) learn how to do legitimate makeup, 2.) actually acknowledge/post all those blog awards I've received, and 3.) somehow make my blog more interesting/diverse.  (That or officially name it as a circle lens review-based blog...)

*    *    *

(Forgotten) OOTD: Surprise Dentist Trip

It was a very, very brisk day in late August (8 months ago), and I was suddenly summoned from the depths of a truly relaxing sleep by my cell phone ringing. The time? The ass-crack of dawn approximately 6:15 AM.  The caller?  My mum; she wanted me to come in to her office to get that last filling in that last molar.  

I had to get there in half an hour..... what?! But I can't possibly go through my entire morning routine that quickly!  

Needless to say, I did.  o.o  Here's what ended up happening with this hastily thrown together outfit. (Nothing too exciting, really. Haha.)

(Yikes....my thighs. D: )

The coat + scarf (+ gloves)

The boots~♥

My 'FOTD' + 'HOTD'

(That's right--- no makeup and a plain bun. 8] Laziness~.)
(And yes, I did a shoddy job of PSing my 'woken up early' eye bags. Haha)
Coat: H&M;  Scarf: Charlotte Russe;  'Jeggings': Sears;  Boots: Macy's
Circle Lenses: G&G GBT/BT Violet

So yeah, there you go: a surprise visit to my mum's dental office essentially means I put on the nearest, matching pieces of clothing and go bolting out the front door. Haha. Still, I don't think it turned out too badly, yeah?


  1. congrats on getting 100 subscribers!! :D
    ooh and i loveee the boots(:

  2. Congratulations! :D I love reading your posts ♥ The boots are gorgeous!

    You are so darn cute

  4. Congrats on 100 followers :D. And damn my eyes hurt from watching your blog bg. Auch. o.O

  5. Those boots are so cute!~ <3

    I know I get this weird feeling of accomplishment when I can get ready super fast. xD

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  7. Clarissa- Gracias! And my boots say thank you as well. ;P

    Sarah- Aw, thanks! (And I surely love reading YOUR posts even more.) And yess-- I wear these boots about every other day now. Haha.

    GLEE- Thank you and thank youu~~. :3

    Tamara- Thank you~~. (I hope to one day have as many followers as you. :33 And you have such a diverse range of topics you blog about, too. You're a great Blogger role model, overall. <33 ~~ And yeah-- sorry about the BG. D: Like I said in my post about the new design-- I know the dark green makes it an eyesore, but I am looking for different shades of green to replace it.

    Marie- Merci! And yes-- you've nailed it. It's like you get bonus points for any outfit thrown together in a rush. xD

  8. You have SUCH a nice figure! Seriously :o beautiful!

  9. Crystal- Ahaha- aw, thank you~. You're not so bad at all, yourself. :]

    (Hopefully I can tone up, though. >.>')

  10. Thanks For The Header Tip

  11. You look cute even without makeup <3 My eye circles are probably the worst they've ever been, so I feel horrid walking out without makeup... which I have to do today, because I left my makeup bag at home grrr!

    That's pretty amazing you can pull a rocking outfit together, put in lenses, and take a picture in less than 30 minutes. o_o It takes me at least 10 minutes just to figure out what to wear alone, and I haven't yet mastered putting in lenses lol. :O

  12. Congratsssss :)
    Nice pictures cutie!


  13. ooh~ I love those boots~! Unfortunately it's the climate here is too hot to wear boots. ><

  14. I know Im late, but I love those boots!! ^_^