Review: EOS Dollyeye (V-209LB) Grey

So once again, CandyLens was nice enough to sponsor me two more pairs of lenses to review. (I promise I still buy lenses for myself.) And I doubt I have to mention this, but whether a product is sponsored or not, I'll always give my true opinion.

Anyway, here's my review to the Dollyeye Grey--- next up is a pink pair of Geo lenses~.
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Enlargement: 7/10 At only 14.2 mm, these provided enlargement, but nothing significant. :/

Colour/Design: 9/10 So... these are light and bright. <33 They're the lightest and most intense grey lenses I have ever worn. o.o The colour, as with all the others in the Dollyeye series, is printed fairly close to the pupil. (Thus, a little ring of light grey is visible in the corber of my vision, occasionally. That's rare, though.) I feel like the design and colour are unnatural, but, like, 2 dozen people just today either complimented my eye colour, or thought they were my actual eyes. Wacky..

EOS V-205LB Grey vs. EOS Dollyeye (V-209LB) Grey


(Please continue to excuse the fact that I haven't straightened or styled my hair in a week and a half and check out how light my hair's colour looks during daytime. Huh.)

And as always, there're extra pics: One, Two, Three, and Four.
If you just want to watch the video review, it's right here, or you can watch it below.


  1. They are really sky blue in some of your photos! I really like how they go well with your skin tone. I'd love to see you do a crazy smokey eye :) I've yet to open mine...Gotta find the right time ;)

  2. Sara- Gracias~! And yeah... I'd love to do a smoky eye, but I have, like, THE most uncooperative eyelids. >.>' Usually, they're 'hooded' when I have my eyes fully open, and I have noo idea what shape to do for it, either. (Faill...)

    I can do makeup rather well on others, but I'm clueless with myself, for some reason...

  3. I really love gray lens on you! and your are too funny! "oh i forgot the camera was on" haha. silly girl! responding back to your comment that u had left a while back... i did lose a little weight. i want to lose more. but im surprised some ppl have noticed. anyhoo... I really think gray lens suit u amazingly well! but my favs would have to be your red lens!

  4. Jhoy- Thanks! Heh heh, yeahh... I actually edited out another 5 seconds earlier than that where I, like, adjusted the neck of my shirt & made a wonky face. >.>

    I still have 4 reviews for red lenses that have not seen the light of this blog yet. Oops...

    And yeah-- I can definitely tell you look a bit slimmer. C:

  5. Hello! I Am So Jealous I Really Want Circle Lenses BC I Think They Would Help My Makeup Tutorials A Whole Lot Prettier But Sadly My Parents Always Say "NO! They Will Damage Your Eyes And Besides Your Eyes Are Already Prett!". But I Wanted To Know DO U Have A Way I Could Persuade Them LOL I'm So Desparate~SemiJ

  6. I've been putting off my review on these for a few weeks. I should probably crack open the bottle and get to it. They look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on you so I can only hope they'll look good on me too. I prefer them to the EOS's.

  7. Great Post,
    I love the colour of these circle lens.
    I also like your brown coloured ones
    Very sweet :)
    Nice blog btw! :)

  8. I just received these in the mail last week! I agree with you completely regarding the color and design but unfortunately these lenses just aren't that comfortable for me - they're on the same level as Geo :/ I'm hoping they get more comfortable as time goes on but I'm not sure that will happen, haha, and these are my first pair of EOS lenses >< Thanks for the review though, this is what convinced me to buy the lenses in the first place<3

  9. I bought these today from lensvillage! Xannot wait to receive them! Thanks nioxin (p.s. keep the vodeos coming you rock)