Review: EOS Pure (V-201) Pink

*I did this review 2 or 3 months ago- sorry for posting it so late!...and 
for not wearing makeup again. >.> *

You may have noticed that I am very much in love with pink circle lenses. :D (Along with several other unnatural colours...) I was especially excited to get these, as not many new lenses are made in smaller diameters. :/  (I had the Max Pure Pink, but I will always choose 14.0 and 14.2 mm lenses over the larger lenses. <3) - Anyway, I pre-ordered these from Shara at Circle Lens Addiction.   Here's to the awesomely adorable Pure Pink~.

Enlargement: 6.5/10 These are supposedly 14 mm, according to an email EOS sent out saying that the Pure series is actually 14 mm and not the 14.2 mm listed on their site. In any case, they do an okay job for their size, whatever it may be.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 I had no idea what to expect from these (except for a really cool design), as for the longest time, there were no pics of these lenses being worn. I'd been hoping the pink would be as vibrant as the Adult Pink, and not muted like the Max Pure version. It turned out my hopes were not in vain: these are as gorgeously bright and opaque as my Adult Pinks! But much more dolly with their dark, sharp-looking black circle.


(low light)

- EOS Adult Pink vs. EOS Pure Pink -

- EOS Max Pure Pink vs. EOS Pure Pink -
Comfort: 10/10 EOS is always comfy, but these felt almost refreshing when I put them in. o: <3

Webcam! :3

 Quite simply, these lenses are freakin' adorable and are by far the 'cutest' lenses I've ever owned, what with being babydoll pink and all. Actually, these are somewhat reminiscent of the big G-208/Candy series, actually, but with an 'edgier' design. (Pun intended. Haha.) I think I'll always think of them as miniature Candy Pinks. ♥

And as always, there're extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
The video review can be seen here on Youtube, or just watch it below.


  1. I love my max pure pinks...It's noticeably different interms of blending..I'm hoping my regular pure browns have the same blending effect as the max pures. Thanks Nox for sharing!

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    ~Fuyu Takazawa

  3. oh i want the pure pinks now they look pretty on u.. i actually have the big dm 23 pinks but i haven't opened them yet.. haha you are too cute i love how u talk, its so funny even though u are being serious. and i meant it in a GOOD way! HOLA! lolllll

  4. xD I like pinks too. I actually prefer the Adult one compared to this. Don't like the max pure cos it looks so HUGE o_O

  5. I LOVE your video reviews you're so funny!! XDD I love these lenses on you <3 Ah, but what lenses don't I love on you? :3 I've kinda been wanting a pink pair just because everyone I've seen them on look so freaking cute hahaha Btw how many lenses do you own?? I'd like to see a picture of all of them together! XD

    I'll do a review of the Peripera liner just for youuuuu darling <3 I'm super excited to try it out too since I don't have a liner at the moment *cries*

  6. I love how you changed your page layout and I love your new lenses, so dope... And also I wanted to thank you for your encouraging words =)

  7. just dropped by to say, i love your reviews and that it's very constant :).

  8. they are super cute! I love the effect and the design! You still look so pretty and cute without makeup on! *envious* Pink lenses FTW!
    Your reviews are always a pleasure to read because you are so honest about the products :)

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  10. Sara- I agree: the Max Pures DO blend a lot better than the Pures. C: I just.. have a flair for the dramatic and wooahhh boy are these ones dramatic. Haha

    Jhoy- Haha- thanks! And yeah, I have very dry humor, typically. Deadpan's my forte. ;P Anyway, I would SO love to see you in oink lenses! :D Hope you review those Big DM23s eventually~!

    Isabel- Yeah... the Max Pures are pretty large in comparison. And the Adult Pink are pretty adorable, too, I agree. :] I'd say I like them equally.

    Katie- Awww. <33 Gracias, missy! I do generally seem to have good luck with the lenses I try. As for how many pairs I currently own, it'd have to be around 20 now, I think. Haha. I'm thinking of doing one HUGE master post about all the lenses I've ever owned... ~~ And as I already posted on your blog, I'm really excited for the liner review. Thanks for agreeing to do it. :]

    Amanda- No problem~~. And thank you!

    Annie- Aw, thanks for the kind words: I hope my blog continues to strike your fancy~.

    Sarah- Haha- aww thanks! (Be sure to remember that I usually attempt to edit out my under-eye bags, though, so reality's not quite as pleasant. >.>) Anyway, I'm glad my reviews are well-received. Thanks for the kind words.

    Nana- Thanks! I'll surely check out your blog n' sub.