Review: Geo Princess Mimi/"Bambi" Almond (Brown)

Okay so today's lenses were kindly sponsored by Fobby Barbie. (And just so you know, they have the entire Princess Mimi/Bambi series in stock for pre-order with Rx and for $16 shipped worldwide.  Just sayin'~.) They shipped out of the USA, so the lenses got to me in 2 or so days, as I am also in the USA. <3  And of course, sponsored product or not, you'll be hearing my honest opinion (which is all the more evident when I'm not all too excited about a lens. Haha.)

So here: have a review! Next up are the i.Fairy Dolly+ Red, then Geo Nudy Pink, and then EOS Adult (J-203) Brown.

(mischievous, man-ful window-gazing)

Enlargement: 9/10 Huge-looking on me.

Colour/Design: 8/10 Ehhh... I never knew I would like very dolly-looking lenses, but I apparently do. Haha. The colour isn't very apparent, and for the most part, they kinda' look a lot like a larger, black lens. In moderate to bright lighting, though, you can see the soft, light brown ring of colour and the effect is lovely.  It still blends well, too~.


Comfort: 8/10 These are comfy compared to how not-so comfy I usually find Geo lenses. Haha.

So overall, I'm still not sure if I'll be wearing these often in the future as they're just so... dark to me, compared to my usual lenses. They're very dolly, and appealing, but not my usual style. I like them, but they're not quite in my top 5.  However, I've received a few compliments on them, so that ups the chance that they'll actually be worn fairly often.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, and Three.

You can watch the video review here, right on Youtube, or simply view it below.


  1. Whooo these look amazing on you! I know what you mean, I find it really weird seeing the dolly type on you but they really suit you :)

  2. Ahaha- really? o: Thank you. Haha. (I don't see it so much.)

    And worry not: I'll be back to crazy-dramatic colour lenses in just a few days. ;] Thanks for commenting~. : D

  3. hmmm I like colored contacts on you more ^_^ though these are really natural on you.

    I feel like lens like these can make people (me at least) look a little too alien-ish tho...:( My eyes are naturally dark so with dark lens my eyes turn almost pitch black and dead :P

  4. I want these so bad! I think I'm going to buy the Bambi and Nudy next

  5. I dont know what to think about these lens still and even if you was surprised by them. haha

  6. I bought the Apple Green's from there too! I'm super excited to try them, but I gotta find my extra lens case first >o<

    I think these are 15 mm. It would explain why they're so large! :D And I luuurve them on you <3 It looks almost, well, I don't want to say "strange", but only because I'm used to seeing you with super vibrant, colorful lenses. It's a nice change though, very natural and dolly and cute! <3 The Almonds were at the bottom of my list of all of them, but I've seen pictures popping up recently and I'm starting to want them haha

  7. I was considering buying these, but after seeing them on you i've changed my mind. They look amazing on you (very dolly!) but the color portion is so very light and my eyes are much darker than yours. I like for my brown lenses to look as natural as possible. Thanks for the review! It's helped me make up my mind.

  8. Hey are these the ones by Tsubasa? I don't quite like the fact that the inside is light but the ring is so dark. I guess I would prefer more colour too, like a smaller diameter of your original eye. You get what I mean? xD

    Reply :
    Hehe thanks! ^_^

    I'm thin but I'm not fit =_=

    It's a NYX Tinted Lip Spa, actually =) Sake. I think I'm beginning to like redder shades but they look so intimidating in the mirror =(

  9. Wowza these look awesome on you. Pretty natural too! These are going on my list, thanks.

  10. Elle- I like coloured contacts, too~. And I feel the same way about dark brown/ black lenses: I just don't look good with alien eyes. Haha. These aren't too big, though. :]

    Naija- DO iiit. o: I can totally see you with a pair of huge, dolly lenses. C:

    Glee- I'm still undecided about them, too. @_@

    Katie- Oh yeah-- you DID get the Bambis in green. o: I'd forgotten... haha. And maaan- if these things were 15 mm I might literally morph into an alien: luckily the bottle says 14.5 mm. (Plus, the model name starts with an X and not an W, like the other Xtra Bambis-- denoting them as smaller.) -- Anywayyy It's always interesting how one's interest in certain colours/designs can shift over time...

    Eden- No prob-- and I commented on your blog with some suggestions of darker lenses. C:

    Isabel- Yep: these are the larger versions of the Bambi series that Tsubasa designed. :] And I know exactly what you mean: I actually bought the original, smaller Bambis for a thinner black ring. ~~ And ahhh- it's more of a lip tint, then. o: I think I'd prefer that toa lipstick: red lipstick can definitely look daunting. Haha

    shuaddict- Gracias~! And ooh- I'd surely love to see what these look like on other folks. o:

  11. Waaaa~ Geo has so many pretty lenses out but they're all like 14.5 or 15mm...
    I love the designs of the bambi lenses but would only get them if they were in 14.2 or 14mm ><

  12. I think these look lovely on you! But I also think that the brighter colors are more.. you? haha. I just got the bambi greys too! They are soaking as we speak. :)

  13. I just ordered on the whim from Fobby Barbie and looked at the shipping policy after the fact and saw that broken jars were not covered under their policy. How has the service been for you? Were they packed pretty well I'm in hawaii so I;m pretty used to packages arriving beat up and broken so I'm a little freaked out =( Lemme know what u think of this company or anyone else for that matter and feedback helps... Great vid btw <3

  14. sidobelei- Already responded on your blog, but I totally agree: I MUCH prefer smaller lenses.

    Amanda- Thanks! And I rather agree: I'm more in tune with bolder, brighter colours. :] I'm super-excited to see those Princess Mimis on choo~~.

    Glama Mama- I'm actually editing a video review of the shop right now. :] But all in all, they lenses were packaged REALLY well. o: Like... I doubt even a drop to the ground would hurt the vials. :3 (And thanks~!) I'll actually post this to your blog, too, so you get it faster...)