Review: (i.Fairy) Dolly+ Red

Gah-- so sorry for the amount of lens reviews posted so closely together: I just have a lot of them to catch up on. @_@  Anywayyyy, these are my most recently purchased red lenses. :] I bought them from Geo Lens-House on FaceBook last month, and they took only two weeks to arrive at my house. <33 Here's the review for the red lens from this new series!

Enlargement: 9.5/10 The Dolly+ series' DIA is 14.5 mm, like the rest of i.Fairy's series, but their enlargement effect is easily at least 15 mm, on me. (It's understandable why the bottles say 16.2 mm for the DIA. Haha.)

Colour/Design: 9/10 So these are a noticeable red. The colour ranges from medium to a light-looking, vibrant red. (Especially when I get the halo effect. <33) The design in reminiscent of the EOS Dollyeye series (hence this series being named the 'Dolly+' series, I guess), but the coverage is only about average. That is, I wish they covered more of my natural eye colour. :/ Despite that, the colour bowls me over every time~.


- i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. i.Fairy Ruby Red -

 - i.Fairy Dolly+ Red vs. i.Fairy 'Cherry'/Candy Soul Red -


Comfort: 9/10 Pretty high level of comfort. :]

(circle lenses are SRS BSNS)

All in all, these might be the cutest red lenses I've owned to date. C:  They're a bolder design (and colour) than my favourites-- the MI E-Type Red-- but they're not as intense (due to less colour coverage) than my i.Fairy Cherry/Candy Soul Reds. A nice in-between red, and sorta' dolly in a 'red-eyed, adorable doll' way.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. These look oddly natural on you. Like you just happen to have red eyes and big ole brown pupils.You wear them well and they really accent your lovely eye shape. That last picture of you on your post is super-cute!

  2. ahhh red lens xD im sorry but the intense color kind of freaks me out ^^;;; They would be so good for cosplaying tho omg. I'm amazed how well you're pulling off this ridiculous color tho ^_^ I like how your eyes match your shirt ;)

  3. Eden-Avalon- Thank you muchly~. C: And oddly enough... I've had at least a dozen incidences of people asking if these are 'my real eyes' whenever I wear red lenses. Interesting. I wonder if it happens to other folks. You'll have to let us know once you get your pair. ;D

    As always, thanks for commenting. <33

    Elle- Gracias! And fair enough: red's definitely an intense colour: especially for eyes. Haha. (Not too many folks are keen on wearing these out as just regular lenses, after all.)

    And yeah... I feel oddly victorious when I can match a shirt or scarf to a lens. :P

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  5. These are fucking cool. Definitely a step up from the usual spec. effect lens I see.

  6. These look really cool! Thank you for the review! :)

  7. *what I need red lens for? what I need red lens for? what I need red lens for?*

    I really want a reason to get these >.<

  8. ohhh, thanks for posting the review! I'm getting these lenses for cosplay from geo lens house~ great to see pictures ^^

    what do these look like? the i.Fairy Cherry/Candy Soul Reds?

  9. den- Agreeed. 8) One of my favourite red lenses (out of my, like, half dozen pairs), deffo. <33

    barb- No prob! And thank you~!

    Glee- Haha- no reason needed. 8) Just get a pair. For.. uh. the purpose of collecting a circle lens in every available colour: red, pink, green, blue, black, brown, violet, aqua, honey, turquoise, sky blue, and hazel. EVERY COLOUUR. ;P

    Ange W.- Actually, I have the Cherry/Candy Soul Red, too. (Just haven't posted the review here, yet.) You can see my review over on Soompi, here: http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/122581-c-i-r-c-l-e-l-e-n-s-official-thread/page__st__36500#entry16939736. And I just added comparison pictures of the Dolly+ Red vs. the Candy Soul Red to this blog review. C:

  10. Thank You For Loving The BDay Look, My Sis Did My Hair She Hates It Down LOL And My Friend Nijalah Inspired The Jewles. I Love The Red Contacts I Wish I Could Get Some My Parents Are Still Saying The Same Thing About Circle Lenses. One Day I Will Get Mine LOL

  11. From Tokyo29/4/11 00:32

    I've been wanting to get some red lenses for a while now and have been comparing so this really helps me. Living in Tokyo, I don't need to wait for a reason - I'll just wear them with regular clothes. :o) You helped sell me on the Geo Bambi (Princess Mimi) Sesame Grey as well, which is being shipped to me now. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Semi- No problem. C: It's always fun watching someone grow into their makeup style. (I... have none, as you may've noticed.)

    From Tokyo- Sweet~. And congrats on those Bambi Greys! : D (Hopefully I can post the rest of my red lens reviews soon, as I've had some 6 or so pairs so far. >.>')

    And yeah-- I wear my red lenses the most frequently. Just for going out for everyday stuff, too. ;P