Headphones!! (Part 2) ;D

Well, the title's self-explanatory: this post is aaallll about headphones~.

And as the title also implies, there was, indeed, a part one to this headphones post.  Therein, you'll see that I was planning on buying another pair of imitation Mix-Styles, but in white and pink.  What has actually happened is that I've managed to re-buy my 'lost' Pink Rose headphones by Swimmer. (Seen below.)

It cost a pretty penny, but I won the auction on Yahoo!Japan, and will hopefully be receiving them --along with a certain popular circle lens-- in a parcel from Japan soon. :33  (Perhaps this time, my father won't put these out in the rubbish bin. Guh.)

Oh! And I happen to also have developed an affinity for the following headphones, but cannot choose between them! D:

Brand: EarPollution

Brand: Audio-Technica

Brand: EarPollution

WHICH ONE DO I WANT?!!  @_@   On the upside, since I'll be buying from Headphones.com,  I have two things working in my favour: 1.) free shipping within the US, and 2.) 10% off my total with the coupon code pandora10p.  (Looks like listening to Pandora finally-- literally- paid off. Haha.)

And that's all folks~!   Next time I post, I should have a circle lens review, as usual. C:    And be prepared for 'Headphones!! (Part 3) once my Swimmer headphones come in!


  1. Those pink rose headphones are gorgeous! I didn't know you could get pretty headphones like that. I've got some from a cheap brand but they aren't very pretty at all! Lol.

    I love the black ear pollution headphones, they look like they'd have some wicked base! xx

  2. Visually? The Audio-Technica are cute. But I agree with naomi in that the EarPollutions look like they'd have some AWESOME sound.

    Whaa. I wish I could pull off big headphones like that. I have such big cheeks I end up looking really squished in.

    Hope you receive the cute rose ones soon!

  3. The EarPollutions look rad, but I've never heard of that brand before! My boyfriend loves AudioTechinca, amazing quality headphones right there. I only saw half of the first Earpollution headphones and thought the earpieces were gonna be Pokeballs LOL *oooh ideassss hahahaha*

    My favorite is of course the first EP ones ;D And now I want them!!

  4. I've been thinking of getting a pair of nice headphones to deco xD I have no clue about brands though. *tacks stones and glitter on everything*

  5. Naomi- (Neither did I, until I found Swimmer headphones. <33) I am super-tempted to get the black EP ones, based upon audio quality. >.>' Aesthetically, they're okay.

    Eden- Pfffft- yo cheeks don't look big~. [8 There's always brands like Zumreed who have cool lens design with smaller 'phones' on them. ;P

    katie- I think I might be most partial to the 1st pair of EarPollutoin headphones, too. The colours are yum~~. (And OMG- a pokeball design would be effing geeenius. <333)

    Amani- Haha. Winning. 8) And actually, I'm not in on too many brands, either, other than the big ones. I am jealous of your ability to deco. ; - ; I am absolutely crap at it. It just looks like I've given an item a case of rhinestone acne whenever I try deco...

  6. Hey honey, I love that kind of headphones, so cute AND keep your ears warm on cold days. Those 'magnet' ones look really interesting, I like the concept. Thanks for following my blog :) xx

  7. Thanks For The Comment On The Snakesss Look LOL I Realized That The Pics I Posted Doesnt Really Show Them Except For One, But The Lipcolor Is Snob by MAC. And I Am In Love With The Rose Headphones!!! Knowing Me I Would Prob. Buy Them Just For Looks And Never Really Use Them LOL!!!

  8. Noxin I Really Want To Thank You For All The Feedback You Give Me, Thank You For Liking The Color Blitz Look! Thanks For Commenting Period LOL Hopefully More People Will Like The Looks Just Like You DO!! THANKS AGAIN


  9. You make me wanny buy it !
    But I don't think that's we can find it in France ...