Sears Clothing (Mini) Haul! (aka. Always Try Thing On)

Hello, friends! Come along with me as I travel back in time to one month ago ~ ~ ~.  I was home from school for the weekend and my mum and I decided to spend the day together. Of course, that translated to shopping. <3  We went to several stores, including H&M (where I also bought a bunch of stuff), and decided upon Sears as our final destination.  

I... was not interested, to say the least. I had never bought a single article of clothing from Sears in my life, despite one being located withing 10 minutes of me for the past 15 years.   However, as always, I could not resist the siren song of a 'SALE!' or '__% off!' sign.  Thus, this haul came to be.

((You'll also come to realize the significance of the second title ['Always Try Things On'], as most of the things I bought looked appalling on the rack, but turned out to be keepers once actually worn.)) Without further ado, here's the stuff:
-- - --

Brand: Derek Heart

Brand: a p o s t r o p h e

Brand: 1955 Vintage

(Guh... my thighs. :/ )

Brand: Spring Street

Brand: Laura Scott



Brand: As U Wish
-- - --

My favourite piece has to be those high-waisted shorts: the buttons are such a cute detail! Or maybe it's that plaid blouse which is surprisingly slimming. Overall, I did pretty well, I think, and altogether, I think I only spent around USD $25 or $30. 

And there you have it: my Sears (mini) haul.  (Well, actually, I bought some sunglasses, but I'll show those in a future post~.)  I shall never again doubt the awesomeness of a sale at Sears. :3

P.S. I uploaded my long overdue video review for my G&G GP-Type Greens, which have already been reviewed on this blog.  (You can watch the vid below~.)


  1. Such a true lesson! I have too learned the need to try before you buy: sometimes you'll make surprise great purchases and other times you'll save yourself some humiliation.

  2. i love the short, jacket and black top.. looking at your haul make me wanna go out and shop. Just Gorgeous.

  3. The outfit that you put together with the plaid shirt is too friggin adorable!!

  4. Avalon- Yep: I have also learned via embarrassment to try things on before purchasing 'em. >.>

    xOx Sup x Ox- Thanks! And yeah, seeing other folks' hauls always makes me itch to go on a spree, too. Haha.

    Amanda L-[/b] Haha- thanks! I dunno' if I'll wear it out or anything in the future, but I guess it's okay for being seen on the street. ;P Thanks for stopping by~~! <3

  5. Anonymous30/4/11 19:48

    Sears is awesome! I used to hate department stores but now I love them <3! They have a lot of good quality brands and the sales really help to make them affordable.

    Ex: I've found so many pairs of comfortable and cute shoes there, totally beats Aldo ANY DAY.

  6. I liking the plaid top and shorts as well. Really cute and they suit you well :)

    And the lens are super vibrant.

  7. My mom told me how her and her friend used to go to clothing stores and try on the ugliest clothes they could find, and some of them ended up looking super cute worn! I've always wanted to try this, but even cute clothes sometimes look awful on me, so I don't have the guts to try on anything even close to being potentially ugly XD BUT~! ALL the clothes you bought are cuuuuute! I'm SO in love with the 1955 Vintage jacket (?) It flatters your body so nicely.. you're legs look amaziiiing <33 Actually I think you just have nice legs, the dress looks uber cute too >w< *creeper status* HAHAA

    Love love love green lenses on you! Pure loveeeeeeee :D

  8. loving the second jacket and those shorts, you look dope :) xx

  9. I love all the outfits you picked out! The shorts are adorable. I need to get a pair in my size. The green dress is my fav.!! :)