Review: Geo Nudy Pink

So this is the second pair of lenses CandyLens was nice enough to sponsor me for reviewing purposes. (The other pair was the Dollyeye Grey.) As always, whether a product is sponsored or not, I'll be giving my honest opinion.

Here's a review for the Geo Nudy Pink!!.
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Enlargement: 8/10 Although the Nudy series is just 14 mm, its enlargement effect is impressive~.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 So... I'm totally in agreement with Brianna's review on these in terms of colour. That is, they are a more violet-pink. And rather subtle, as the pink is not very opaque. (And yet, I'm fond of the colour on other people: it's very pretty, after all.)


('cool' lighting)
- Geo Nudy Brown vs. Geo Nudy Pink -
Comfort: 7/10 Comfort is about average.
Alright, so I had high hopes for these lenses, having been exposed to some truly amazing, bright, pink lenses (EOS Adult and Pure Pink, for example).  Maybe I expected too much? Haha. Either way, they are cute enough, but if you know me well, then you know that I prefer light, opaque colours. These lenses are more subtly pigmented. I somewhat like them, yes, but 'subtle' is not so much my style...

And as always, there are extra pics: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on YouTube, or view it below.
P.S. The next post won't be a circle lens review. :D Surprise~~!


  1. I envy you for your brown eyes because only brown eyes create this dewy effect, y'know like a 'gradient' - the top iris is darker than the bottom one and I loooooooooooooove that effect, they look gorgeous on you!

  2. Honestly honestly? In the video I kept waiting for you to put the lenses on. Maybe it's the 2AM vision but they look beyond subtle, downright natural on you. I've yet to see you in a color that didn't compliment your looks but these (to me) give you the appearance of a person who just happens to have pinkish-violetish eyes rather than someone wearing circle lenses. Still. I'm glad I put off buying these until I read your review. My pink lens dreams are set on the DollyEye Pinks...i'll just have to wait.

  3. P.S. You're a tease with that last line. D: I WANT TO KNOW THE SURPRISE NOW.

  4. Anna- Thanks for stopping by (and for the compliment), and like I said in my comment on your blog: I think I envy YOUR lighter eyes (in terms of wearing circle lenses). All those 3 and 4-tone lenses blend really well with eye colours like your. ; 3; Jealousyyy~~.

    Eden-Avalon- Weird, right? I think it's an extension of my moderately decent acting capabilities-- or my sense of humor, in that I can say anything with a straight face and have folks believe me. Perhaps I wear lenses 'with a straight face' somehow? Haha. (I too have laser sights set on the Dollyeye Pink.)

    And as for that last line: 8) Heh heh heh...

  5. D'aw, they're still pretty cute tho! :}
    Darn that Geo for making such dark circle lenses.

  6. I'm intrigued by these nudy pinks lol. I love the nudy line personally..brown is my fave so far. Kind of wondering on the pinks :)

  7. I like these better than my super nudy pinks! :O

  8. Man! I really wanna try out pink lenses soon, I wonder if they'll suit me like they suit you <3
    I find your lens reviews very helpful ^.^ <333

  9. Brianna- Thank you~~. And IKR?! I feel like Geo's sort of a tease that way: some series' colours are light as heck, and others... not so much. ; 3;

    Sara- I, too, find myself liking the Nudy series. Just... on most other people, and not so much myself. <.<' I'd LOVE to see the pinks on you, mate~.

    Teenyy- Already posted this to your blog, but duuude- the Super Nudy/Wonder Pink from G&G/Dueba is gorgeousss. It's all pastel and such. If you have their Super Nudy Pink, then I'm inclined ot say I like your lenses more than mine. Haha.

    Nana- Aw, thank you~! <33 You've some awesome reviews yourself. :3 And I'd love to know how pink turns out on your eyes. o:

  10. Subtle or not, these are GORGEOUS on you :D

    Ahh, you make me want to go buy a pair now! lol