A Package from Japan? Oh my~!

(This is just a quick filler post between lens reviews.)

*le gasp*  It would seem that a certain package came in the mail this past week. o:   

Does anyone know what might be inside? 

 If you guessed that it is my replacement Swimmer Pink Rose headphones and the original/Angel Color Bambi Sesame Grey, then you are absolutely correct! :D

Alright, so I had to wait a month for the Bambi lenses after I actually ordered them as I did a pre-order on Rakuten. (Usually, I would have bought directly for Rakuten, but pre-orders are for Japan only, so I had to use a shopping service.) Once the pre-order was over and I requested shipping, it only took 4 days or so for me to get the parcel. <3

Speaking of shopping services, I used Celga. I've used them one or two times before, and I find that their fees are lower than some other, more popular services (*cough*Rinkya*cough*), and their customer service is pretty good. ♥  Plus, I got this adorable little gift/omake with my order!

I'll be reviewing the original/Angel Color Bambis next week~! (I have the Miss C Eye/Seeshell Cat Eye Grey review, and the EOS Cotton Grey reviews to post first, though.)

À bientôt~! ♥


  1. I lovee those headphones! They're so cute & girly! x

  2. I adore your new headphones! Looking forward to the bambi lenses review ^^

  3. Can't wait to see those seashell greys!! I've been looking at a pair of big hello kitty headphones myself, inspired by you naturellement.

    I've never used a shopping service before either. ; w ; I still have much to learn obi-wan!

    (SudoBeautify is my new beauty-blog btw. TRFT will be back up as soon as Yahoo decides to give it to HostGator)

  4. WOW!!..I love your new headphone..Gorgeous colour..^_^..

    Thank you so much for all sweet comments that you always send to me..Really appreciate that..

  5. What a cute duck xD

    And oooh~ Real Bambi lens. Curious to see how those measure up to the Princess Mimi inspired ones, do let us know ♥

  6. Such treats :D Thank you for the lovely comment, it means so much!
    You really made my day.


  7. Those headphones are so cute!! ^__^

  8. Meeting Yoshiki made all the headaches absolutely worth it, and I would go through all of it again just to see him again. <3 During the panel, just watching him I was still kinda like "....is this real?" Until I finally went up to him I realized this is really happening. :)))

    YAY you got the Sesame Greys! I'm still lusting for those lenses...... I can't wait to hear your review on the originals *__* I finally got my ass on rakuten's website today too after many, many years.... I had no idea it's basically a Japanese G-Market?? I'm super tempted... but I already have priorities with G-Market, but.... Japanese goodies..... oh my!!

    WOW you have a LOT of lenses to review!! Someday I'd love to see a picture of your circle lens family :D

  9. haha. the stuff animal is so cute. oooo~ Can't wait to see the review on the bambi greys. o u o

  10. aah this is a random package and I totally dig your headphones! And is it just me or cannot I not access the Rinkya site :(?

  11. @ Naomi- Yup yup: I likes my headphones adorable. C:<

    @ Sarah- Hopefully the Bambi review'll be up in a couple of days.

    @ Naija- Heh heh- I s'pose.

    @ Angie- Aw, it's no problem! You always post such nice FOTDs.

    @ Eden- Bwahaha- worry not, padawan, for I shall someday make a post about shopping services. 8)

    @ Karolina- You're welcome! And thanks for stopping by~!

    @ Dana- :3 I know, right? The roses are my favourite!

    @ Katie- Heh heh. Yeah-- hopefully the original Bambi Grey review'll be up in a few days. Maybe someday I'll post a pic of the many lenses I have.

    @ Sia- Ack-- I'm so late posting the Bambi review. @_@ But yes-- the little graduate duck is pretty cute.

    @ Ms. Thumbsup- Definitely. ;P

    @ Elle- Yep-- random is the word of the day. C: And hrm-- that's interesting. o: Rinkya opened up just fine when I clicked the link....