Review: EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue

Soo... my blog died for a week. Haha. Oops. Sorry y'all. <33 Also, in ~~hair news~~, I may have cut my hair a few more times in the past few days. It's slightly addictive...
Back on topic, though, these are the a pair of lenses I was dying to try out.  As you'll remember, I love the Cotton Violets I got a while ago.  And with that in mind, I figured I'd like to try a few other colours from the series, thanks to Kiwiberry1's Collection. ;P

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(Weird: that stray curl makes it look like a I have a sideburn..)

Enlargement: 6.5/10  These lenses are 14 mm (I opted not to go for the 14.5/G-211 or 14.8/WM-211 versions, as I prefer smaller lenses).  Anyway, the J-211s have a minimal enlargement effect.

Colour/Design: 9/10 I've explained the EOS 211/Cotton lens design in my review of the violets: the 'ring' is a dark grey that fades inward, and gives the colour the effect of lightening + brightening toward the center.  And on top of that, the ring itself looks like the outline of a 'cloud', almost. Or perhaps a doily.  The colour is in between a medium and light blue, and is very vibrant.  I ... was just expecting a much paler/pastel blue-- on par with how light and pastel the violet was. That's the only reason these didn't get a full 10 out of 10: because I'm picky with my blue lenses. Haha


(direct sunlight)

- EOS Cotton (J-211) Violet vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue -

Comfort: 10/10  I should stop writing explanations in this category in EOS lens reviews. Haha. This brand is simply super comfy to me. <3

Overall, I'd say these are some awesome lenses. They fall right above the middle range in terms of blue lenses I've had: the BT02 Sky Blue still hold the #1 spot, but these are a close second with the adorable design and super vibrant colour. ;P  I'm excited to try the grey in this series next!

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. firstly, I love the lenses! I have considered buying the huge version of these but I don't think I can pull off blue :P lol But they are reallllyy pretty...
    secondly, I love your hair!! It looks so pretty the way you have it in these photos!!

  2. Wow, I like them despite the rather ugly pattern. You know, I saw these a lot and was always distracted by/from (?) their design, they looked fuzzy and just eww, but woow it's always the simple designs who convince us, right?

  3. Ohh I love the new haircut! And I love your curly hair, it's soo pretty! Plus it suits you so much better than straight hair. I guess your hair must be happy now :D!

    I like the lenses and I actually like the pattern. There's one funny thing that happens with me when I'm wearing circle lenses. My eyes are already sensitive to light (when standing in strong sun), but when I'm wearing circle lenses they feel even MORE sensitive! :< Boo.

  4. The color on these is really super vibrant! I love blue on you.

    I totally know what you mean about the hair cutting being addictive. xD I've had that same problem to the point of going TOO FAR with the scissors. Be careful but otherwise enjoy your new do!

  5. I'm with Anna when she said she saw the design and said "eww" lol I was a bit put off by the design as well when I was looking at other lenses. I wasn't sure how they'd look or if I'd even like them but the blue (and violet) looks great on you.

    I wouldn't be able to pull off any of the Blue lenses because I don't own anything much in variety of colors first of all lol. I could pull off the Blue if I do Blue & Black synthetic dreads which I'm contemplating (even though i told myself I wouldn't do dreads this year - I'm with you on the heat and laziness of doing hair lol).

    Other than that though I could but yes they look great on you! envious! lol

  6. Wow the design and colour looks so pretty, and yay for 14mm! but since they're "very vibrant" i'll probs end up not wearing them much ><

    thanks for the review hehe x

  7. Cotton Series really surprised me when you wear it. :D

    Nice and Love the Blue <3

  8. Oh they are so...blue!:D so vibrant!They look great on you^^I watched your video and thumbed up!^^Oh you couldn't see my vid?:(Well I look a bit creepy in itXD but it's public now, so I hope you check it out!^^

  9. @ Teenyyy- Aw, thank you on both counts. <33 And oh boy-- I can't pull off big lenses, myself. We're in the reverse situation: you can pull off the size, but you're not sure about the colour. I'm the other way around. Haha

    @ Anna- Haha- really? Oh man: I'm completely in love with this series' design. xDD For once, our tastes differ a bit. It certainly is easy to be distracted by design sometimes...

    @ Tamara- Thank you muchly~! And that's interesting: your eyes becoming more sensitive to strong lighting, that is. o:

    @ Ava- Aw, thank you, missus. :] And yeah... I've cut my hair again since I posted. Haha. I think I'm done now, though-- I just had to even out one side in accordance to how I usually part my hair.

    @ Afro- Merci! Oohhhh- I love dreads. <33 I vote for your plan of using blue n' black ones with blue lenses. I'm a total sucker for matching lens colour to 'accessories'/clothing/hair colour. Haha.

    @ sidobelei- Haha- I see you prefer more subtle lenses, eh? Fair enough.

    @ q0q0- Aw, thank you so much~!

    @ Juliette- Haha- yess. Very blue, definitely. @_@ And I just watched your vid: you're not creepy at all!

  10. Hello!
    Recently I have become interested in circle lenses and stumbled upon your blog :)

    I was wondering since you seem to be pretty much an expert at the circle lenses/contact stuff, if you know of any reputable sites that have circle lenses that are not fakes, have some enlargement (even if its 14.2) and are toric?

    Haha, I know its an incredibly tall order, but yeah I have no idea where to start looking/never bought any before/know no one who wears them/am a total noob lol :|

    The EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue circle lenses look absolutely AMAZING on you, especially with your dark hair!!!!

  11. @ littlemisshotlips- Thank you! And I posted a reply on your blog. C;