Review: EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey

Alright, this is the last of the EOS Cotton series reviews: violet, grey, and blue are the only colours I have. :]]  That being said, I am absolutely enamoured with this series. <33  Thanks you so much for sponsoring these, Kiwiberry1's Collection

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Enlargement: 6.5/10  At 14 mm, the J-211 series has veerryyy minimal enlargement. (Which I prefer.)

Colour/Design: 9/10 Hrm.  The grey is difficult to describe-- just as any colour in this series is difficult to describe. It's the design! The 'circle' is not really black, but more of a dark grey, which makes any of the colours look darker at the edge before fading into a lighter version of the colour in the middle. For the grey, the center is a rather light, pastel grey. <33 And I LOVE pastel/light colours.


- EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey -

- EOS Cotton (J-211) Violet vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey -

- EOS V-205LB Grey vs. EOS Cotton (J-211) Grey -

Comfort: 10/10  As per usual, EOS lenses are a wonderland of airy comfort for my eyes. ;P

Looking at this lens overall, I'd say these are my new/future favourite grey lenses.  As you can see in the comparison pic above, they are uncannily similar to my current #1 grey lenses: the EOS V-205LB Grey. That's very fortuitous, as the V-205LB series has been discontinued by EOS. I believe I've found a replacement lens in these not-too-large, light grey beauties. ♥

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. I love grey lenses~ And being that i've been considering the cotton collection these are looking mighty tempting. These really brighten up your face. <3

  2. Good usage of grammer aswell!!! ;-)

  3. These are lovely!! Oh my gosh, they're so dreamy... I absolutely love the dark to light effect, simply stunning! <3 Out of all the ones you have of this series, I think these are definitely my favorite! I'm really growing a soft spot for grey lenses, so I'm quite tempted to search more on this series. For grey lenses, the lighter the better. BUT what I love about these is they're slightly dark, then give you that dreamy light craving of color in the middle. UGH I'm going on and on and I don't even own a pair LOL! *very tempted mmm*

  4. Ahhh.. These look amazing!

  5. Why do they remind me of the Shinny Series when worn x_X!? That's actually a super duper good dupe haha

  6. These are firggin gorgeous! They remind me of my now gone G&Gs (my all time personal fav) but these have a brighter color. I might give these a try, I love the saturation. They look really good on you :)

  7. Gosh, every time I come back here I find myself drooling over those lenses! GAHHHHHH <333

    btwww i tagged youuu :33


  8. omg omg those greys look hot on you, there by faaaaaar my fave look for you - gorgeoous, ahhh thanks so much yeah I got in contact with Tumblr and I'm gunner email them a pic of me x

  9. @ Avalon- Huh-- they do brighten me up a bit, eh? Thanks for popping in! And the Cotton series grows on me more every day. <3

    @ MizMarie- Aw, thanks!

    @ Katie- Yess, yess. I am slowly persuading you to get a pair for yourself. : D

    @ Isabel- Thank y' muchly. C:

    @ Anna- Haha- really? I never thought of them as looking like the Puffy serie, but I s'pose I can see that...

    @ Shy- Thanks! And best of luck with the Tumblr situation.

  10. where did you buy those grey lenses or what for a brand r they ... post your answer on my blog

    1. I'll reply on your blog, but here, too. (So I know I DID reply. Haha.)

      But just as the blog post's title says, these are the EOS Cotton Grey. The brand, as in every review I do, is listed first. So EOS, this time. :]

      And in the very first paragraph of the review, I link right back to the store these lenses came from: Kiwiberry1's Collection~.

      I'm off to comment on your blog so you'll see this wherever you check first. C: