Review: Dolly Eye Cat Eyes Smoky Pearl Grey (aka. Miss C Eye Grey)

Well hello there. :]  Today's lenses were kindly sponsored by EyeCandy Lens. (Thank you, muchly~!)  Anyway, these lenses are from Seeshell, and have two well-known names: the Miss C Eye Grey, and the Dolly Eye Cat Eyes Smoky Pearl Grey.  (They are under the 'Cat Eyes' name on EyeCandy Lens.)

Enlargement: 8.5/10  These are 14.5 mm, but are made to look more natural, so the enlargement isn't very extreme.

Colour/Design:  8.5/10  Hrm.... as I say in the video review, the colour is difficult to describe.  At the simplest, I would call them a medium grey.  They don't look very dark, and they don't look very light.... in most lightings.  You'll see that in some pics taken in natural/strong lighting, that the colour looks close to light-- especially if I get a little halo effect at the edge of the lens.  However, in other lightings, they look like a dark-ish grey, but are still super visible. (Maybe it's that 3rd, gold-brown tone in the center that makes them light-looking?)  The broken up, thin dark circle seem to make the lens more realistic. (As does that 3rd tone in the middle.)

(low light)


Comfort: 9/10  I've had one lens from Seeshell in the past, and they were comfy.  These are much the same.  I have to mention, though, that the very first day I wore these, they got dry very quickly, for some reason. (Usually, my lens-accustomed eyes don't really get dry.)  I gave them a few days and a good soak, and since then they've been nothing but very comfy. <33  I don't know if it was the weather that day, or maybe my eyes acting up, but I guess that was a fluke.

 (What is that face I am making? o.o)

(See what I mean about them looking grey in any lighting?)

Alright, so overall, these lenses turned out almost exactly as I thought they would: they are neither very light nor very dark. What is a pleasant surprise is how well the colour still shows up in low lighting. I'm not sure how it works, but it's pretty cool. Haha. I've also received quite a few compliments on these, so that's another plus. C;  I wouldn't mind these being a bit lighter--what lenses wouldn't I like to be lighter, though? Still, they're somehow very appealing to me at this colour.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. I've never been a fan of the line type lenses, but I like the color of these. It's just as you said - the color is medium gray and it shows in all lights. I'm actually startling to dislike my DollyEye Greys because everyone tells me they're blue. ; w ; I may have to go this route and swallow my dislike of the lines.

  2. I love these they look really natural. I have my eye on these milkyway ones or something I think theyre called..?? They look lovely! xx

  3. Your eyes look shiny ^^

  4. These look very natural - i like how there is no limbic ring actually ^_^ You have such nice skin btw...u don't have a single scar! it's like flawless!

  5. I love the lens patterns I would definitely try out seashell next time <3

  6. I love those lenses I was a little scared of colores contacts but I found a little courage and bought the angel brown lenses and they look really natural. I think im adding those grey ones to my wishlist now lol.

  7. those are killer on you, really subtle but beautiful :) id never get away with circle lens, they look so natural on you tho :/ so jel x

  8. @ Zhenya- Thank you. C:

    @ Avalon- Gracias! And yeah-- I didn't notice the Dollyeye Greys were so blue until folks online started telling me as such. o.o

    @ Naomi- Ooohh yeah. Geo has them in 15 mm, and I think G&G/Dueba has 'em in 14.5. The Milkyway design is pretty cool, definitely.

    @ Jess- Haha- thanks!

    @ Elle- Aw, merci! And pshh- makeup does wonders. Haha. I have precisely four scars on my face. (And due to a current crazy-weather-breakout, several blemishes.) If anyone has nice skin-- it's you. o: It always looks so smooth~~.

    @ q0q0- Thank you! And yeah: Seeshell has some nice series~.

    @ Coya- Yeah-- I saw the Angel Brown on you. C: Very pretty. (Those were actually my very first circle lenses~.)

    @ missmaki- Aw, thank y' muchly! And pshaw-- I think there's a colour lens out there for everyone. Whether you go for more or less natural. I'm sure we could find a pair for you. :]

  9. Anonymous21/6/11 02:44

    youre gorgeous :)

  10. Anonymous21/6/11 03:53

    Thank you for the comment sweet cake!! <3 I enjoy your blog very much! ^_^ I would be lost on what kind of lenses to buy if it weren't for you! hehe!

  11. They look very natural compared to some of the lenses that you review, but no doubt that is a pretty lens :) Thank you for the review! I always enjoy reading your lens review :)

  12. So pretty! I love the pattern in these ones. :)

  13. This series is SO attractive! I love the the design, it's really striking, but still looks somewhat natural. I'm also digging how opaque they are! I need to get myself a pair of true grey lenses... <3

  14. Wow the grey really shows up on your eyes :3 Very cute!

  15. OMG I Am In LOVE With These, Grey Has Been My First Choice Of Color Lenses To Get, If I Will Ever Be Able To Get Any LOL, But Thanks For Your Comment On Tanned Fire. Ive Been Looking For Big Lashes That Dont Over Power The MakeUp Look, But I Have Yet To Find Any. But, The Colors Are From BH Cosmetics Cool Shimmer Palette, Cool Matte Palette and Tropical Shimmer Palette. Where Would You Find Some Metallic Eyeshadow? I Would Love To Have Some!!!