Review: original (Angel Color) Bambi Sesame Grey

- original/Angel Color Bambi Sesame Grey vs. Geo Princess Mimi Grey -

No, you've not gone back in time. This is not my review of the Geo Princess Mimi (Sesame) Grey (WMM-305): this is a review of their original, smaller version: the (Angel Color) Bambi Sesame Grey (XKD-305).  (Yes, these are made by Geo, too.)  These I bought from a store on Rakuten. They were super costly, though, so I really only paid for the brand name. (The original Bambi series is also available in their OEM label from ColorLens4Less for much less $$. Why did I not buy from there? ; _ ;)
(Guh. Contouring fail...)

Enlargement: 8.5/10  For a 14.2 mm lens, these are really enlarging, I think. o.o

Colour/Design: 9/10 Yes, I say '8.5' and not '9' in the video for this rating, but... well... these totally grew on me over time.  I feel like these are a lot closer to the modeled pics on Angel Color. (Although those are still clearly edited for higher contrast/lightness and such.)  Compared to their larger version, the Princess Mimis, these are lighter.  

They both have a blue-toned grey, but the Princess Mimis have more grey area-- the extra few millimeters allow for a more extended grey section. Also, the original Bambi's colouring seems to come closer to the pupil. Otherwise, the Princess Mimi and Bambi series are fairly similar.


- Geo Princess Mimi Grey vs. original Bambi Sesame Grey -

Comfort: 8.5/10 The longer I wore these, the clearer it became that these are the comfiest Geo lenses I have ever worn. <3

(Some days... I don't bother with contouring.)

(I am... an 'artist', now.)

All in all, these lenses just might get Geo back into my good graces. They are comfy, light-ish grey lens with a bold design. That is a recipe for success in my book: I'm a fan.  This is the Bambi series I was so excited for all those months ago. ♥

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. I mean it's super cool that you got them for comparing purposes, but I'd never pay THAT much for a pair of lenses and I really can't see the difference XD

    There's rumours going around about possible additions to the Mimi line in blue, violet and pink. Whatcha think? Did Angelcolor stock up their Bambis in new colours?

  2. OMG I've been anxiously awaiting this review!! :D Actually just in the first picture alone I can see the difference. The Princess Mimi lenses for me, look a lot bigger than the original Bambi lenses. I wonder why they made them bigger anyway? Then again, 14.2 for some people doesn't even enlarge their eyes, so maybe that's why. On you though, I can see the difference, and it's lovely. <3

    Omg I can't contour to save my life... ;__; I need to practice mooooore!! >:O

  3. I like these better. Way better xD
    If they werent as pricey as you say, i'd get a pair myself ;D

  4. The color looks really nice. owo

  5. Babe the lens looks really awesome, you're the first person I seen wearing AngelColor's Bambi Series Lens. <3

  6. You're also the first person i've seen wearing this series, everyone's so hyped up over the mimis (including myself.) I'm about to order the princess mimis and while these are lovely, I'm a sucker for bigger!

  7. So these ones are different! I have the larger Princess Mimis in Sesame Gray and I wear them the most out of all my lenses. They're my favorite :3

    Thank you for your review!

  8. Exellente! Love this review!!! Ive been wanting a pair of Blytheye Grey. What do u think?

  9. @ Anna- Haha- fair enough. And I thought I would never pay that much for a pair of lenses, too. Until I got so determined/peeved about not getting the originals that I broke. xD Plus. they're at a 'regular' price now on ColorLens4Less. ~~ As for the rest of the series' colours being released, it makes sense. If they come out in pink, I will likely waste another 50 bucks if necessary to procure a pair. ;_ ; Haha

    @ katie- Aw, thanks you~! And yeah: on some folks, 14.2 mm makes nooo difference. @_@ That's, like, crazy to me. Haha. As for contouring, it's almost 'natural' to pick up on, once you start practicing. :]

    @ otto- Meh-- they're cheaper on ColorLens4Less. :] $20-$30. <3 But yeah-- I prefer these, too.

    @ Sia- IKR? :D I love the colour~~.

    @ q0q0- Thanks! :] And yeah: I'm sad to see nobody else reviews the original Bambis. ; _ ;

    @ Ava- Bigger, yes: and also less expensive. Haha. There are a lot of good points for the Princess Mimis. ;P Plus, you have, like, huge eyes, so you can toootally pull of 15 mm lenses.

    @ Mika- Yep yep: a few differences between the two. C:

    @ MizMarie- Thanks! And the Blytheye Grey? They're a popular design-- I see no reason not to get 'em. :]

  10. I never knew they were different! (well, not by much) I thought they were just different names but I guess there is a difference! I might just check the website! Thank you for the review! i love it on you~! <3

  11. You're the first person I have seen review these and it's a very well written and informative review so thank you.

    You have a wonderful blog, I will definitly check back to read more of your posts. I wish you all the luck in the world (although I am sure you do not need it).

    All the best,

  12. Anonymous29/6/11 13:26

    Loove this review!! Thanks so much!!:)

  13. I'm sorry to reply so late!! <33

  14. hmmmm maybe they they would've looked better if they made the black ring a bit smaller, still pretty though (:
    i would so buy these if they were the same price as the other geo lenses xD

  15. @ Bunny- Ah-- merci for always stopping by! <33

    @ Voe- Aw, thanks! :] I've stopped by your blog. C:

    @ Neko Girl- Thank you!

    @ sidobelei- Ehm-- did you catch that link at the start to ColorLens4Less? They have the entire original Bambi series for $19.99-$30. (Some are 19.99, some colours are 30.) ;P

  16. love the color! looks nice on you :) great blog im your new follower hope you'll follow back :)

  17. I Love The Last Pic From The Bronze Look, It Came From My Phone BC My Blue Camera That I Just Got Broke lol I Think Im Cursed When It Comes To Cameras lol, OMG I AM SOOOO IN LOVE With These Lenses My Dad Is Still Against Them But Ill Get Them Hopefully When I Go To College!

  18. I'm jealous this pattern looks so good on you! I have the princess mimi's and I feel very meh about them. The 2 look very slightly different, but they both look lovely on you. <3


  19. @ Peach Crush- Thanks! C: I've followed back, worry not. Haha.

    @ Semi- Uh oh-- how'd you break your camera? @_@ Yikes.... and best of luck, as always, with the lenses. C:

    @ Amanda- Aw, thanks! I actually sorta' prefer this series on lighter eyes. o.o But grazie~.

  20. Your eyes look so cool! I wish my contacts looked half that cool, but I'm boring and stick to regular contacts. Your whole blog and lots of different contacts is really cool; different from any blog I have seen. Take a look at my blog if you have a chance!


  21. I like the gray-ish colors on you the best. Your hair looks cute up like that. :)

  22. @ Kristyn- Thank you~. I'm glad my blog's an interesting read. And oh boy-- you could SO pull off coloured lenses. ;]

    @ Michelle- Aw, merci, darlin'~. I think grey's one of my favourite colours to wear, too. And thank you! I hardly wear my hair up in pics and such as I'm self-conscious about my "manly" jaw. Haha

  23. OMG!! This is so my color... I have this too.. :D

  24. Wow! Those look so adorable!
    I have medium to small eyes and ordered a pair from Colorlens4less last week in brown color. What enlargement diameter do you think it looks like?

    Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Hrm.... I'd say it looks just about right for 14.2 mm DIA. Which they actually are. Haha.

      They definitely don't go above 14.5 in enlargement effect. o:

      Congrats on your purchase, by the way!

  25. love em! they look are some of the pixels in the yellow and or gray parts clear? If so, these are going on my wish list, they look like a grey lens that might actually be light enough!


    1. *makebeleivemaven.blogspot.com

    2. Mm-- these aren't the lightest grey lenses I've had, but they're still among my favuourites. Haha.

      And yep-- they have a few blank gaps between pixels near the center. So they blend fairly well.