Review: EOS Dollyeye (V-209LB) Pink

Okay, so these lovely lenses were very kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry1's Collection. <33 And as always, I will say that they are one of my longest-standing favourite shops. Even before they ever sponsored me a single pair of lenses, I was a dedicated fan/customer. :3   (And even with my late sponsored reviews, they're still so niiiceee~!)

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Enlargement: 7/10  Ehm, I don't find the EOS Dollyeye series, at 14.2 mm, to be very enlarging at all. (Which I like~.)

Colour/Design: 9.5/10  That's right-- almost a perfect 10! o:  This pink is goorgeeouuss and vibrant, and all those other lovely things. I just... kinda' wish the pink was a bit deeper. More saturated.  That being said, they are a true pink: I just tend to like hot pink more. ;]  Oh-- and of course, like the rest of the series, these have amazing colour coverage.


- EOS Adult Pink vs. EOS Dollyeye Pink -

Comfort:  10/10  As you may know by now-- my eyes LOVE the comfort of EOS lenses-- even the highly pigmented Dollyeye series.

Overall, I FRAKKING (yes, frakking) LOVE THESE LENSES. I was really excited for them when they came out, and I'm still just as excited now that I have them. (And my friends really like them, too, interestingly enough...) They're super photogenic, too. <3

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. oh wow! *O* These look great! They're so vibrant and pretty!! I like how these are actually pink. Most pink lenses don't look that pink after wearing them T^T

  2. I pre-ordered these in like...late May from Circle Lens Addiction and I'm still waiting on them. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I may crack and buy them from someone else and just have two pairs. >w> They're so cute after all.

  3. Really nice ~!! Thanks for the review ! I was hesitating buying those lenses but it looks really great on you =D

  4. These are sooooo pigmented! I'm with you though, I do wish these were less baby pink and more on the hotter pink side? But at least they are still pink! I'm thinking about getting the violets.. hmmm we will just have to see! ^-^

  5. Anonymous13/8/11 17:11

    Wow, those are so pretty. I've been looking for a review of the pinks for a while.

    But sadly, I'm on the outs with Kiwiberry. I bought a set of EOS Cotton Greys from them two weeks ago, after reading your review on them, and I still haven't received them. They shipped, supposedly, but I still haven't gotten them.

    I'd be wiling to forgive that, because they could've just gotten lost in the mail, but I sent them an e-mai two days ago asking about it, with no response. So much for a two day turnaround. I'm really sad about it. ):

  6. These are really really Pretty Hun, Pink lens are also my favorite. <3

    They look so awesome on you. Love it <3

  7. Anonymous1/11/11 15:12

    Where can I buy this contact lens?

  8. Anonymous23/7/12 17:42

    I ordered these contacts about two weeks about from Kiwi-berry. About how long do they take to arrive?
    Thank you! <3
    (P.S. I love your reviews! :D)