Review: Seeshell (Kilala) Popcorn Blue

Hola~! So these lenses were very kindly sponsored by EyeCandy Lens. (Free shipping, y'all! <3)  They're also known as the Kilala Popcorn Blue. :3

(Why does my skin seem paler than usual? Hm...)

Enlargement: 7/10  These lenses are 14.5 mm, but do not enlarge very much at all. <3

Colour/Design: 8.5/10  (The Popcorn series is the 2tone version of the Seeshell Cat Eyes/Miss C Eye series, which is 3-tone.)  Alright, so here is what one advert pic for this lens looks like. Bright, right? :D  Well, the lens itself is actually pretty bright in real life, it seems. As usual, they don't match the advertisements, but they are closer than I would have guessed. In most lightings, they turn out a lighter, sky-ish blue. Especially in photos.  They can look dark in some medium lighting, though.


- EOS Cotton (J-211) Blue vs. Seeshell Popcorn Blue -

- (Seeshell) Dolly Eye Cat Eye Grey vs. Seeshell Popcorn Blue-

Comfort: 8.5/10  Seeshell lenses are generally comfy for me, but dry out somewhat quickly.

(Why yes: I did choose an unflattering angle)

Overall, I really like these lenses. I found love at first sight, and although they are not as bright a blue as I'd prefer, they're still gorgeous. Haha. (They actually remind me of another light blue lens I really liked, the Geo Nudy Golden Blue.)

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. Wow these are such a pretty color ♥ Would've been cooler if they were a bit lighter, more like the ad photo. You don't see many light blue lens, just like you mentioned Geo Golden Blue is probably the only other one I've seen have a similar shade to this.

    Too bad they're not bigger than 14.5mm.

  2. I love that shade of blue on you! :) Kawaii.

  3. I like how you're wearing the soft blue shirt to go with the lenses. :) As always, pretty results...

  4. Anonymous22/8/11 01:01

    Awesome blue :)
    I totally love your reviews :3
    Hooray ^_^

  5. What's the unsexiest name for a lens? Edwina, you got it.

    But they look cool on your eyes, they remind me a tad of EOS E-203 due to the soft rims, just a little very more vibrant :D

  6. The pictures are really cute Babe :)

    But the lenses looks like 14mm ><

    Looks great on you ^^

  7. I haven't done a lens review in years! T_T but im glad you are still avidly doing yours!! As for your lens, your pretty face and your skin color is so versatile that if not most but all lens look good on you :D it does make your skin look brighter but not in a bad way! btw are you still going to school in the eastcoast?! we should so meet up one day!

  8. They looks so tasty for some reason. That dolly eye cat grey looks like puffy tones...I'm sure I said that before XD

  9. May I ask, how many lenses do you have in total by now? :D
    Really like your reviews too, they're sort of authentical (if you know what I wanna say with that (: ) Keep it up!

  10. Oh I really like this! They have all the coverage I like but they're distinctly more natural than the dollies. On my shopping list for sure

  11. Hiya! Been your loyal reader and watcher on youtube for a while now~ You're the go to person for lens reviews :p Took me a while to become a follower! Thought I'd drop a comment ^^

    I had a pair of seeshells a while back, and like the GEOs, they are just slightly uncomfortable for me :/ Though they do have a lot of pretty designs *sigh*

    The only lenses I feel absolutely comfortable wearing are EOS lenses. Would you be able to recommend any other brands that can compete with EOS in terms of comfort? Would be awesome!

    Feel free to drop by sometime too!


  12. @ Eden- Thank you! And yeah-- I really wish there were more light blue lenses out there. :/

    @ Marion- Ahaha-- arigato~! ;]

    @ Michelle- Aw, merci! :3 I didn't know I had that shirt until I pulled it out of some dank, dark corner in my drawer. o.O

    @ Mika- Gracias, dear. :3

    @ Anna- xDD Accurate. Edwina is just... not the most scintillating name.

    @ q0q0- Aw, thank you! And yeah-- these lenses look soo small. o.O

    @ Jhoy- Haha. Yeah. Lens reviews are 'my thing', I guess. Heh heh. And yep! Still going to school on the East Coast. I'd love to meet up sometimes! Traveling is always fun. :33

    @ Phillicia- Ahaha- yep! I think you mentioned it? But, eh. It's true.

    @ Sam- Oh man. Like how many do I actually own right now? I have no idea... probably close to 4 pairs? In terms of how many I've every tried? Probably close to 65 pairs? Maybe more. >.> ~~ Glad my authenticity is still intact. ;P

    @ Ava- Awww yeahh. 8)

    @ Ai- Hrm... I'll reply on your blog. :33

  13. This looks good.. like the lines on the lens ^_^

  14. oooooh I really like! This is such a pretty blue on you! And I love that slight halo! Very nice ^-^

  15. Theyre soo pretty!! : )