A Few Contests & Giveaways~!

It's that time again! :D  The time where I list a bunch of giveaways/contests I find interesting. I may not be entering all of them, but I'm sure some of you might find them super-relevant. 

And geez, all of these giveaways is reminding me to finish putting mine together. It's difficult picking two sets of prizes, though. (There will be 2 winners...) Ah well- such is life.

*       *       *
(deadline is 5 September)

As I mentioned/rambled about in my last giveaway post, I absolutely love Anna's blog, Fenau Beauté.  The lady is brilliant (and a great makeup artist, to boot)!  When I saw this contest, I knew that I should let all my fellow lens enthusiasts (/maniacs) hear about exactly what you can win: three pairs of circle lenses. C:<

· 1 pair of 'Dollyeye' Blytheye lenses
· 1 pair of Barbie Crystal/Crystal.i lenses
· 1 pair of EOS Max Misty lenses
--  -  --

(deadline is 10 September)

Lovely, tasty, fancy masks? Do it. DO IT. You know you want those masks. o.o  Plus the lip balm. <3 (All of my fellow northern hemisphere-dwellers, it's nearly autumn! And then winter! Those wind-chapped lips would love a new layer of protection from all that dry air, yeah? ;D )

· Fresh Fruit Aloe Mask Sheet
· Fresh Fruit Pomegranate Mask Sheet
· Essential Mask Sheet Ceramide
· Zoe&Zac naturals: Blackberry Honey Sample Body Lotion
· E.O.S. Egg Shaped Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet
· Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara in 010 Blackest Black
--  -  --

(deadline is 31 August)

Now this is a packed giveaway. @_@ <3  Katie, "Key", is a refreshing beauty blogger with a blog I'm always excited to see updated. I suggest you give her a follow, and check out this massive giveaway. Congrats on the well-deserved followers, K.!

· Daiso brand False lashes: Type A "Daily Cross"
· Daiso brand False lashes: Type B "Volume Cross"
· Daiso brand False lashes: Type C "Natural Straight"
· Daiso brand False lashes: Type D "Volume Long"
· Hisamitsu Lifecella Essence Eye Mask x1
· Daiso brand cute cellphone charm x1
· Mini Revlon nail polish: "Cherries in the Snow"
· Mini Revlon nail polish: "Winter Mist"
· Mini Revlon nail polish: "Pink Ice
· ZOYA nail polish in "Mikka
· My Beauty Diary "Black Cherry Chocolate" face mask
· My Scheming Grape Seed Extract mask
· My Scheming Crystal Hydrating Eye Mask
--  -  --

(deadline is 31 September)

This chick is a cool, but oh-so-warm blogger with a flair for the adorable. Check out her very first giveaway-- it has some fantastic prizes, as you'll see below. :D

· Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleanser
· Etude House Nail Polish (3 pcs.)
· Kitty Cat Contact Lens Case
· Korean Green Tea mask
· Elastic Floral Headband
--  -  --

 (deadline is 1 September)

So yeah. I may or not lurk this blog frequently. >.> No matter: this blog is pretty damn cool, so I shall continue to lurk and occasionally comment. Anyway, this giveaway has some really great skincare stuff I would love to get my hands on~.

· Etude House "Petit Bijou" Moisture Body Lotion (300 ml)
· Etude House "Yogurt Peel Super Berry Mix" Cleansing Foam (30 ml)
· Hadanomy Collagen Mist - Limited Edition (Lemon) (90 ml)
· The Face Shop Flebote 3D moisture gift set
· H&M Liquid Eyeliner in black
· 2 H&M nail polishes
· Rilakkuma pencil case, pencils and ballpoint pen
· Kutusita Nyanko memo pad (small)
--  -  --

(deadline is 10 October)

So yeah. Mint is amazing. The end. Well, not the end. But it's a definitive statement. Don't believe me? Browse through her blog. You shall soon see how right I am. 8)   Also... my sudden obsession with falsies could be fed so well if I won this. >:D

· 3 Packs of eyelashes (6 pairs)
· Cute eyelash case
· King size barbie brown lenses
· PA nail beads
· PA nail repair pack
· PA purple glitter nailpolish
· Hello Kitty key holder
· Shower puff (not shown)
· Polka dot hair clips

*       *       *
That's all folks~! Tomorrow we'll get back to my regularly scheduled circle lens review. (Of my first pair of black lenses, actually.) Then a store review, then a lens review, then a clothing haul, then a lens review, and so on. Haha.


  1. Hey lovely (:

    Oh yeah I saw these Liz Lisa bags and though I'm not into this brand... I LOVE this bag and I want it and I'll get it when coming to Japan for study purposes. Think I'll decide on the color when I see them in real ^^

    Where I work they care about EVERYTHING. No crazy hairstyle or color, no piercings, no noticeable make-up and so on and so forth. It's sort of sad because I spent so much time at work and feeling that plain xD Work is really fun, though. Think they want to contour all that fair trade think and therefore permit heavy outer appearance.. or so o_o"

    And: thank you! My hair was a mess just a year before but then I decided to take a break from dyeing it (because in my "best" times I dyed every 4 weeks another color..). It's the best you can do and waiting for it to grow out. But now I'll definitely need a freshup because it's been a year now (:
    I'll meet with a friend today so I hope school is fine for you and that you'll have a great time! <: