Review: Candy Nudy Sweet Grey (Sunny/Trendy Grey)

 Whew~! I'm having a crazy-eventful summer. @_@  (I love being on vacationnnnnn~.) Anyway, these lenses are kindly sponsored by Apple of Your Eyes (aka. Serenity Shop).
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Enlargement: 7.5/10  These lenses are 14.5 mm, but like the Gossip Brown, are not super enlarging. (Perhaps due to the soft, brown ring instead of the usual bold, black.)

Colour/Design:  9/10  So from the start, my interest in the Trendy/Sunny series has been how very light all the colours seem, but even more so, the fact that the circle is brown and not black. (I really like that effect. It somehow softens a lens colour-- makes is more natural, too, I think.)  So when I tried these on, I was a bit sad to see that the grey isn't as light as they look in the advert pics. (They never are, though, really.)  Still, it's definitely a noticeable grey-- lighter than medium, and the brown ring is divine.


 - EOS V-205LB Grey vs. Candy Nudy Sweet Grey -

 - Candy Hana 3-tone Brown vs. Candy Nudy Sweet Grey -

Comfort: 9/10  G&G/Dueba(/Vassen)-- which are all brands that Candy and Candylicious use-- are generally very comfy for me.

(You can tell this is pre-vacation: no tan yet!)

All in all, I definitely love these lenses. I'd been jonesing for these babies for ages Haha.  And having had to wait so long to try them was so worth it. (Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.)  It's a lighter shade of grey, with a very unique colour ring.  I kinda' want these lenses in brown next. C:<

 And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. Wow I wish u would have did this review before I ordered my lenses. These are gorgeous.

    O and I didn't get brown like I had originally planned, I decided to be a little more adventurous and got grey.

  2. oooh wow these look really pretty! totally love the colour and design

  3. The Brown ring has always been a turn off for me because it makes me think of contacts that have a too-small diameter? I love a good strong black ring. You make it look good though!

  4. pretty!! I'm so glad I found apple of your eyes because of you =D!! I think I found it when I was reading your red circle lens reviews! Thank you for all the wonderful circle lens review *O* they are all so helpful!

  5. Love it on you Hun. <3

    And also your make up =)

    I love Grey lens, these reminds me abit of Geo Bella Special Grey BS205 or WBS205.

    Your Video is again so cute Can't stop watching it ^^

  6. mzvaleer, wow lovely lens...so natural but really attractive (without looking overly buggy) at the same time. i like how u dont even put much makeup and it still looks great...well, u r gorgeous anyway. :D

    quickie question: is this really 14.5mm? i checked out the site and it says 16mm# (unless i am reading it wrong): http://the-serenity-22.blogspot.com/search/label/Candylicious%20♥%20Nudy%20Sweet (first pics).
    i dont like large lens....i can feel my eyes suffocating. LOL

    looking gorgeous as always! keep up the pretty haircut (i knew i saw a small change in u!! ♥) hope ur vacay went well....vacays are always good.

    thanks for ur reviews and *valuable* advice, mzvaleer.

  7. How do you become a VIP on aoye?

  8. wow , you look great with the circle lenses

  9. wow these look really pretty! totally love the colour and design