Review: Kimchi Maki Yellow

Have you ever seen a lens and just 'needed' it?  Because that is exactly how I felt about the Maki Yellow. <3  I rarely have such a visceral reaction to a lens, but these just looked so amazingly bright and golden and unique.   So a resounding 'thank you!' to Apple of Your Eyes is necessary for their sponsorship of these lenses.

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- -

(Late afternoon/evening: low light)

(Yes! New pic! [:< )

Enlargement: 8.5/10  So these are approximately 14.8~15.0 mm, I believe.  Whatever the exact diameter, they enlarge rather well, but not an excessive amount.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10   These are yellow lenses.  I like yellow/gold lenses.  Therefore, I like these lenses. A lot. C:  As far as the colours in the lens, there's a goldenrod/orange sort of colour on the outside, and an almost greenish yellow in the middle.  Both are super bright + opaque.  The design/pattern is completely unnatural- there is not a chance that anyone will mistake these for your true eye colour. Haha.


Comfort: 9/10  These are just as comfy as other lenses from Sun&Bon/i.Fairy/Vassen. :] (That is, very comfy.)

(Ew, sorry! The old pics are awful~)

All in all, I LOVE THESE LENSES. Oh my gosh, do I ever love these lenses. They are light, opaque, and unnatural to boot. ;P  I love it~.  I'm thinking about trying the Maki Grey, too, if they might be this light. 

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. Waaaah, I was TOTALLY eyeballing these, too! Crazy pattern, me want. o_o

  2. Wow, that's such an eye catching design! they look really good too~ :D

  3. I LOVE THESE!! They're so out there and fun ♥

  4. Eye popping color! Very bright and unique style.... :) I like the name "kimchi" maki yellow... :P

  5. The pattern looks so mesmerizing O___O

  6. whoa these lenses are wicked! :O i don't know how you do it but you always seem to pull off the craziest colors!! you wear them so naturally :D and i really love the video, you're super cute and peppy lol

  7. OH


  8. Dear Noxin,

    thank you for your recent comments! Woah these lenses surely are superextraordinary!! I think that they look a bit weird on a close-up because of the huge pattern but I love how the color suits you! You really should go for golden lenses, they look so so good on you (:

    Thank you for the lens advice, I browsed a bit after the ones you considered but I'm not quite sure yet. The Neo 4 Tones looked quite nice, I like 4 tone lenses a lot.. and it's a bit hard to find a suitable lens because my eyecolor is so light and every lens is darker <_<"" But I thought about getting a darker (or in my case: normal xD) blue lens, saw some in a magazine which seemed quite nice... I let you know when I decided!

    As for Japan; I really enjoy all the glittery stuff here but when I was in Tokyo or in a greater city for a day I really need a break because it's too much. I'm living in the countryside 1 and a half hour away from Tokyo and I love it so much. It's very peaceful and quiet here; but you get in touch with the people very well because I life at the dorm near the campus. (: I'm going to Hakone in the beginning of November and I'm very very excited about the trip ^-^

  9. man circle lenses just keep getting crazier! theyre so bright now

    ah thank you for all your kind words XD

  10. DO WANT! They are sooooo opaque! Definitely crazy but I like the pupil opening. Very unique ^-^

  11. These lenses look so good! They remind me of autumn because of the colors and the pattern kind of looks like leaves in my opinion! :3 They're so cute.