Recent OOTDs + More Giveaways!

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So believe it or not, I wear things other than circle lenses.  I am speaking specifically about clothing: shirts, trousers, blouses, dresses, pants, frocks, shorts, skirts, scarves, hats, shoes, stockings, legwarmers, sweaters, tights, jumpers, tanktops, etc.  I wear them all!

Here are a few outfits I've worn in the past 30 days or so. :]
- -- -

2 October

My mum and I spent the day together, as I was home for the rare weekend. (I see my parents once a month or so, when I can leave university for a weekend.) We went shopping, of course. Haha.

- -- -

6 October

And this was just a regular old class day.  It was sinfully hot, though, so yeah.  I tried to make  a boring 't-shirt & skirt' outfit more exciting with this huge belt.

^ (I was wearing a pair of simple, black flats) ^

- -- -

10 October

Technically, I didn't wear this outfit 'out'. I just put it on for the trip from home back to university. Haha. Really, only my friends, my father, and a few folks at a gas station on the way to school saw me wearing this.  (I don't like this outfit, though, so I'm okay with that.)

(Yes, I braided the scarf/tie into my hair)
 - -- -

18 October

You can tell that the weather is finally starting to cool down and become more autumnal. I wear shorts and skirts all year round, but I tend to wear tights/stockings or at least higher boots during winter and autumn. ;P  You'll also see me break out my massive scarf collection.


^ (In case anyone thought that I wasn't wearing a bottom. Haha) ^

(Aw yeah: no makeup~)

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GIVEAWAYS~~. :D Give. Aways.... GIVEAWAYS~~.

(deadline is 25 November)

You guys! Go check out this giveaway. o:  You can get some really adorable accessories.  Marion, who's holding the giveaway, is a total doll (a Forest Doll, if you will). Pahaha- get it?! Well, in any case, at least check out her awesome blog, yeah?

· 1 Pair of Random Eyes Boutique Earrings
· 1 Random Eyes Boutique Necklace
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(deadline is 31 October)

Ohh, interested yet? It's a very straightforward banner, yes? Well, it is that simple: the lovely phoenixcrash is holding a giveaway with three sets of prizes! All of which include circle lenses. C:<  It's her 1st giveaway, so show your support, eh?

· MI 'Eclipse' E225 Green
· Sample Skin 79 Hot Pink BBCream
· Sample Skin 79 Gold Caviar BBCream


· Hana SP&Eye FH31 Grey
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· Sample size Skin 79 Hot Pink BBCream
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· G&G/Dueba X9 Violet (Queenie)
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· G&G/Dueba Wind BF2 Gray,
· 1 Sample packet of Skin 79 Hot Pink BBCream
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· Missha NO. 21 BB Cream
· 5 Brush Guards.
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(deadline is 28 October)

So I've not been watching Hachi's blog for more than a few months now, but in that short time, I've noticed that damn, this girl has some style <33 I also really want a pair of over-the-knee- socks...

· $25 gift certificate for Socks4Life

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(deadline is 3 November)

This blog. Is perfection. Amazing, gorgeous, informative, etc.   The interviews, reviews, content, and pics keep it so fresh and alive. Plus, y'know, they're having this cool giveaway! ;P

· Kyary Pyamu Pyamu produced Harajuku Doll Eyemazing Lashes
· Tokyo Girls Collection only Girly Bear mascot themed purple bow phone strap
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Lulu's 1st Mini-Giveaway
(deadline is 1 November)

You guys! It's Lulu's first (mini) giveaway! Show your support (and greed) and join up!  There are some truly adorable prizes, many of them centered around Hello Kitty (HK).  There are also some 'big-ticket' items.  (MBD masks and Dolly Wink eyeliner, anyone?)

· Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
· Koji Spring Heart Eyelash: No.8 Impact Long
· 1 My Beauty Diary Face Mask: Pearl Powder
· 2 Strawberry Hair Clips· 1 HK Mini Notepad
· 1 HK Eraser
· 2 HK Pencils
· 1 HK Coin Purse


  1. The first outfit is adorable! :) the pastel blue and dark blue go nicely together, your fourth outfit reminds me of a french mime outfit, cute cute~

  2. Your first outfit is so cute! Love the dress :D

  3. Ooh~ I like that striped top, the tie on it is such a cute detail!

  4. Your outfits are always cute! I love the green dress...(and maybe because that's my favorite color...) the stripe shirt looked like it came with the pussy bow in the front....but it's a scarf you tied in? Cute....

  5. I love your style~ especially that last outfit! I love Fall clothes so much ♥

  6. I love your last outfit, especially the scarf! ; o;


  8. You're adorable! I love your shoes and my favourite thing to spice up my boring hair is braiding it with a ribbon/skinny scarf too. haha ^^

  9. the first outfit is so cute! love the colour!! suits you well lovely :) x

  10. how do you survive not wearing long pants in the winter??? D:

    lulz thats actually the exact thing my buddhist practice teaches!

    oh man your words are so kind >.< thank you

    you are always too nice

  11. Getting prettier Hun!~~

    I am in love with your hair tied this way it's really beautiful on you. <3 <3

    Love to see you wearing so many cute outfits ^^
    Really lovely Hee <3 <3

  12. Dang girl! You look super hot <3
    I love your outfits ^^

  13. The outfits looks great and the way you do your hair is sooo lovely <3
    I really think you got a great style (:

    Btw. you always host so many giveaways, maybe you wanna join mine now? :D

  14. oh! what nice this post!
    Have you seen my new post outfit? I have also a beautiful giveaway post, of accessories, with no limit price!
    came to me! i wait for you!
    kiss kiss

  15. <3 I love me OOTDs!

    My favorite are the second and the last. You look great!

  16. I love your style so beautiful and Gorgeous

  17. Im So Excited About The Giveaway, And Thank You For The Sunsets Comment, Ive Been Working Really Hard On Posting Since My Phone Charger Broke lol and Thanks About The Weight Lost, BTW Ive Decided To Be Bold and Just Buy Circle Lenses, Do You Have Any Suggestions On A Cheap But Good Quality Lens Thats Grey, Violet or Blue?