Review: G&G BT02 Violet

Well these're my favourite pair of violet lenses I've ever owned (and that's saying something, since I've had some 4 pairs of violet lenses~.) I got them from Pinky Paradise, one of my favourite stores, almost a year ago, I believe. Almost time to toss 'em!  So, enjoy these old-ish pictures! ;o

Enlargement: 9/10 They were more enlarging than I'd imagined, actually. Although they're the same size as Geo Angels.

Colour/Design: 10/10 I love the BT02 series (actually, I just love G&G in general). This design is just so cool! People've come right up to me to peer into my eyes out of nowhere just to assure themselves that I'm not a vampire or something (true story). And the purple's so vibrant  as well. It doesn't just 'fade into grey' or anything like that. It pops.

Comfort: 9/10 It's the first pair of lenses I was able to forget I was wearing, as they are so comfortable. They also pass the timeless 'Oops, I've worn these for too long' test that eventually is faced by most circle lens wearers.

Ah... a recent pic. <3

Overall: I'm glad I got these lenses. I believe they were one of my first pairs of lenses, and my first and favourite pair of violet lenses. When these expire soon, I'll likely replace them with a new pair~.
The video review (thankfully recent) for my G&G BT02 Violets can be found here or watched just below.

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