Let's Talk Headphones!

Ah-- surprised I'm not doing a circle lens review, eh? Well... you should be: I have plenty more to post. Haha.  Anyway, I figured I should make a post regarding one of my favourite accessories: headphones. (I don't wear earbuds because they give me headaches-- likely a side-product of my teeny tiny 'lizard ears', as I call 'em... cuz, y'know, lizards' ears are essentially leetle bitty holes in the side of their head. Haha)

Back on topic, yes, I consider headphones accessories. Reason? I buy them for how they look, not necessarily how they sound. I'm no audiophile, but I am a fashion-fiend, so unless headphones have needles embedded in the earphones, I'll choose a cuter pair of a more 'efficient' pair, typically. Still... I pick brands that aren't all too terrible. Haha.  Here's a short headphone history of my 'Fashion Headphones':

My First Pair 

Brand: Swimmer

I loved these and they actually sounded pretty good, awesomely enough- it was a good $34 bucks I spent. Unfortunately, they met an untimely, senseless, and rage-inducing end when MY FATHER PUT THEM OUT IN THE RUBBISH. Auughh. I think I may've literally teared up. And since Swimmer makes each headphone design once only, for a few months (four new designs each season), buying them now, would cost me about 80 bucks. -_-' Nothing further. RIP Pink Rose Swimmer headphones.

My Most Recent Pair(s)
Brand: (Imitation) Mix-Style

These headphones (and the ones beneath) are the first headphones I've bought since my Swimmers came to a tragic end some time ago.  These imitation Mix-Style headphones were $16 shipped, and they're pretty darn comfortable. It's actually pretty difficult to tell the 'fakes' from the authentic Mix-Styles. The boxes/packaging is the same, and the printing/design is the same. However, the Mix-Styles have a smooth ear-shell, while the imitations have a ridged appearance. Mix-Styles also have a different jack cord, the word 'Mix-Style' printed on the band's inside, and have a finer sound quality in the treble range.

But like I said: visual aesthetics over audial~.

Brand: Dicsong

These I just got today and am rather in love with. These Charming Pinks ('model' name) were-- what- like, 9 bucks shipped? Nngh. So good~. I haven't really had a chance to listen to anything with them yet, but I plugged them into my laptop for a minute earlier and they sound pretty good, actually. Better than my imitation Mix-Styles (unsurprisingly). Haha.

In the future, I'd like a few more pairs: perhaps I will rebuy my Swimmer headphones or maybe even another pair of Swimmers. 

...or Zumreed headphones. o:

And finally, the headphones I know I'll end up getting: another pair of imitation Mix-Styles. xD The one thing I really wanted was a pair of pink Mix-Styles, but with a white star, not a black one. To my knowledge, the actual company doesn't make those, so... fakes it is! (Cruddy) Pic belowww~.



  1. i do want some dicsong ones
    where did you find them?

    i adore my hellokitty phones, theyre styled after the mix-style ones it seems o:

  2. They are amazing-- they come in black as well (which I'm pondering getting, too). Anyway, they're available quite a few places, but mine're from Best Offer Buy. (http://www.bestofferbuy.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=dicsong&x=0&y=0_)

    Yeah, your HK ones're pretty freakin' adorable: and it seems the basic shell/band and such that Mix-Styles use are very available. o: When'd you get yours?

  3. i've been lemming on some headphones as well, and like ranklechick i want the hello kitty headphones >_< o0o0o but I'm also loving the star one the white and pink version =] and also the black and white. teehee

  4. FFFF- I want to buy Swimmer headphones too ;_; butbut I couldn't find them anywhere but here: http://starshine-candy.livejournal.com/19514.html
    Have you purchased from them before? are they trust worthy?