Review: Beaucon Jewel Pink

My first pair of pink lenses. <3 They're pretty damn awesome, too. Haha.  As for where they're from, I bought the original pair from Honey Color, but ripped one, and bought the replacement from Woofylens. Review tiimmee!

Enlargement: 8.5/10 These're only 14.0 mm lenses, but they are enlarging all the same, what with the thick black ring about the colour.

Colour/Design: 9.5/10 They're pink circle lenses-- how could I be disappointed? ;P Anyway, the pattern is very cute, and the pink, absolutely adorable. They're a subtle pink, as I've been told. Opaque but not necessarily fake-looking.


Comfort: 9/10 These lenses are heavenly, comfort-wise. I'm not sure they beat out my EOS or G&Gs, but they're comfier than my Geo lenses have been.

(Somehow, there's always an old pic in every review...)

Overall: These lenses are lovely and I wear them quite a bit. :]] They are, as I said, simply adorable, and yet fairly natural. The pink is gorgeous and 'mature', in a way. So far, quite a few people have liked them, too. o: I'm thinking of getting the 14.5 mm version of these 14 mm lenses, the EOS G-208/Max Jewel Pink, someday in the near future
You can find the video review of my Beaucon Jewel Pinks here or below. :]

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