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((I... am a dunce.  I thought this had already been posted last week. But it turns out, I have not mastered that 'while-you're-away prewritten post' thing on Blogger. -_-' ))

So anyway, as you may or may not have noticed, I don't post about giveaways on my blog. Like, ever.  That's not because I hate them or anything, it's just that... I've never entered one before. Haha.  (I know, weird, right?)   

I'm not even sure why that is.  Maybe because I'm picky and not all prizes appeal to me? Meh. *shrug*   In any case, below are the very first giveaways and contests I'll (likely) be entering. :D  (Be sure to click and enter any that interest you, too! You never know when Lady Luck could decide you need some awesome new accessories~.)

*    *     *
(deadline is 22 May)

Just like the pic says, all you have to do is post a pic of yourself on her FaceBook page of you showcasing your style. C:  You can win by receiving the most 'likes' of your picture~.

· 1st Place: A Free Outfit + A Pair Of Circle Lenses (of your choice)
· 2nd and 3rd Place: A Headpiece (Bow or Mini-tophat)
-- - --

(ends on 30 May)

I love this blog (seriously, how cool is just its name, Fenua Beauté)-- and I love this giveaway. <3 What's that?  I don't know how to even use makeup?  Yeah, I know..... but if I get the quality stuff, then when I do know what I'm doing, someday, I'll look good~~. 8)

· Jelly Pong Pong Shoe lip palette
· Lush Snow Fairy shower gel
· Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly eyeshadow in blue
· Anna Sui mirror charm
--  -  --

(ends at 300 followers)

So, Sara's blog is pretty boss, and she has excellent taste... and so I am taking a 'bite' out of this giveaway. ;D *wink wink* Get it~? Ehh? Eh?  .... alright, I'm done with the bad puns, I suppose. (But I'm not done with these giveaways!)

· North American Hemp Co. Hair Sample Products
· e.l.f.  Plumping Lip Glaze in "Fire Coral"
· Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings
· e.l.f. Lip gloss in "Honey Do"
· e.l.f. Minty Lip Gloss in "Miami"
· H&M Spring Nails mini polish set.
--   -   --

(ends on 15 June)

So this giveaway features 14 different eyeshadow palettes.  Fourteen.  That's fourteen times as many palettes you can win as prizes than in most blog giveaways.  Just remember-- they are all separate prizes. You won't be seeing one guy walking away with, like, all 14 palettes. Haha. (Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Ava~! <3 )

· Sleek Palette: Acid
· Sleek Palette: Bad Girl
· Sleek Palette: Bohemian
· Sleek Palette: Chaos
· Sleek Palette: Circus
· Sleek Palette: Curious
· Sleek Palette: Good Girl
· Sleek Palette: Graphite
· Sleek Palette: Original
· Sleek Palette: Paraguaya
· Sleek Palette: Primer Palette
· Sleek Palette: Sparkle
· Sleek Palette: Storm
· Sleek Palette: Sunset
--   -   --

(ends on 12 June)

I seem to have a noted interest in palettes all of a sudden, eh? Well... little ol' unemployed me is still trying to acquire a wider range of makeup, and giveaways seem keen on helping out with that goal. ;P  Plus, the bigger the palette, the more economical it is, Y/Y?

·  BH Cosmetics 120 1st Edition Palette
--   -   --

(ends on 10 June)

"Oh my God, Becky. Look. At Those. Brushes." "They're sooooo big!" 

Okay, okay. I swear I'm done with the bad jokes now. But really, I have a puny collection of makeup brushes, and seeing as I'm now starting to build my makeup collection up, I definitely have my fingers crossed for this super quantitative giveaway.

· Sigma Make Me Cool 12 Brush Kit
--  -  --

(ends on 21 May)

Okay, come one: it's ekiBlog. Need I say more? This giveaway's as quality-packed and adorable as each of those blogposts. :D  And this old dame's got her eye on that Dollywink liner. Om nom nom~.

· Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner
· Essential Ultra Honey&Shea Butter hair mask
· Jill Stuart fruit hand cream
· Tokidoki Mozzarella quad eyeshadow palette
· FaceQ mask
· ekiLove swarovski earring

*    *    *

And  there ends that.  Thanks for reading, y'all~!  I'll have a new circle lens review up tomorrow or the day after. :]


  1. Awww hahah I love your humour, you always make me laugh, you're sweet, thank you so much for featuring FB :D

  2. Someone's been bitten by the contest bug~

  3. I'm terrible when it comes to these giveaway things, especially when they start talking about multiple entry options and whatnot >w> I get way too lazy...

  4. Maybe I should start joining some of the giveaways. The one with 14 palettes sounds really appealing! Thank you for the giveaway post ♥ :3

  5. Your posts always make me happy xD
    And some of these giveaways actually look worthwhile~

  6. Thanks Nox for posting this! Could you do me a small favour and comment enter me :) with a link back to this post?