Review: EOS Dollyeye (V-209LB) Green

Okayyy, so these Dollyeye Greens were a lens one of my YouTube subscribers asked me to review.  I've also always wondered exactly how bright these lenses are.  So thanks so much to Kiwiberry1's Collection for the sponsorship and the fast delivery, as usual.

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Colour/Design: 9/10 So yeah. These are vibrant. Not surprising for a lens from the Dollyeye series. Haha. But anyway, the green is actually somewhat difficult to describe. It is not a light green, but the lenses are so opaque and vibrant that the colour is visible in most any lighting. I'd say it's a medium green-- more yellow-green than blue-green-- that is very bright.


- EOS Flower Green vs. EOS Dollyeye Green -

Enlargement: 7/10 These are 14.2 mm and not very enlarging at all (which I love~).

Comfort: 10/10 As with the rest of my EOS lenses, these are super comfy. (Although, for reference, compared to other EOS series, the lenses from the Dollyeye series seem to dry out faster. (My best guess is that it's the fault of the super opaque pigment and its massive area of coverage.)

Overall, this is a lens that I'm pretty much totally neutral on.  They're gorgeous, but I am neither enamoured with them or likely to toss 'em out any time soon.  *shrug*  I can certainly match them to a few outfits, so I'll definitely be wearing them in the future.  The vibrancy appeals to me, but green isn't a colour I often get excited about.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, and Four.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. ooooooh~
    i like these on you! you should really consider getting more green lenses. they suit you really well.
    on that note, i think i just may order up some green ones as well. :D

  2. I think you might have gotten sidetracked on that last paragraph sweetie.

    xD I'm going to have to copy cat you, I was planning on reviewing these next. Or maybe i'll put them off and buy some others to review instead while I wait for my pre-order to come around.

    I really love the effect this has on you. The pine green looks great with your skintone. <3

  3. Brianna- Gracias~! And really? o: I don't see it, really-- the green lenses looking good, thing. Haha. But I keep hearing it, so it must be true?... I'll consider trying more green, alright~. Anyway-- I'd LOVE to see how green turns out on you. <33 *excitement*

    Ava- xDD Thank you! I fixed it. (I must have opened the wrong file with review text when I pasted it into Blogger. @_@) Anyway, I vote for you to review your Dollyeyes, too! Join the chaaiinn~~. Haha. Then again... I'm curious as to what all other lenses you have to review. o:

  4. these lens look greaaattt on youu ~ the colors are SOOO out there; vibrant haha *.* you look really pretty in them :D

  5. you look gorgeous! love it! <3

  6. I love these on you you look friggen hot :) xx

  7. holy crap those are bright! They're 'too' bright for me but as usual, you rock the oddest circle leans ^_^ The color looks remarkably natural on you!

  8. Love the dolly eye series! they're are so vibrant! S2
    i have the green one too! =3
    this color looks awesome on you!


  9. Sandy- Aww, thanks so much! And dude: every one of your lenses looks amazing on YOU.

    Anna- xDD Why hello, sis! We are Dollyeye Twins now, Y/Y? Haha.

    Jhoy- Many thanks, pretty lady! I've got nothin' on you n' your beautiful visage, though. <3

    Shy- Thank you muchly! And a comlpiment from you? I may just blush: you yourself are about the hottest thing around. ;]

    Elle- D'aww, merci! And I don't think you give yourself enough credit: I feel like you could TOTALLY pull off some crazy-vibrant lenses. Especially with your proficiency with makeup.

    plumoon- I love this series, too! <33 And yay: you can be my other Dollyeye sister! : D