EOS Flower Green Review: the Redux

Hello! So a very small number of you who have A.) gone back through my old posts, or B.) have been following me for that long, will remember that yes, I have already reviewed the EOS Flower Green.  (Over a year ago, I believe.)

However, when I was recently sponsored a pair by the lovely shop, Fobby Barbie (♥ three days for shipping ♥), I was put in the unique position of being able to try a lens a second time, with a year of new lens experiences to possibly change my opinion.  Read on to see what-- if anything- has changed~.

Enlargement: 7/10  This series is often listed as being 14.8 mm. (I'm pretty sure it's 14.2, though. Haha.) In any case, the enlargement effect is closer to a lens of a 14.5 mm DIA.

Colour/Design: 6.5/10  This shade of green is easiest described as a true green.  That is, it reminds me of a less neon-bright version of Crayola Green. I very much like the colour itself, but I am not so fond of the lack of coverage.  These lenses look like a very thin ring of green on my eyes. (Mind you, it is an elegant, petal-patterned ring of green, but I feel that it is hardly visible. :/ )


- EOS Flower Green vs. EOS Dollyeye Green -

Comfort: 10/10  Comfort-wise. these are on par with all my other super-comfy EOS lenses~.

Sadly, I don't like these lenses any more than I did a year ago.  In fact, with all the great green lenses I have bought since I first had these, my opinion of the Flower Green may have even went slightly further downhill. >.>'  Oops. What's weird is that I still believe the EOS Flower series has one of the prettiest designs out of any circle lenses I've ever seen. They just don't have the sort of coverage (or colour) I favour.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. These are really pretty~
    And i agree, the design is indeed very gorgeous. :D

  2. hmm the pattern of the lens weird me out a little >< The name of the lens is cool tho - REDUX ahah

  3. Think these look incredible on you!

  4. Im In Love With Your Green Eyes, Ive Always Thought Green Would Make Me Look Like A Vampire LOL But Thanks For Your Feedback On Cupids Revenge Honestly It Was Random Colors and Two Random Drawings That Looked Liked V-Day To Me So I Thought Why Not Name It Something About Cupid :O LOL

  5. Awww I think these look so pretty on you! I would never ever purchase a lens like this for myself, but you're definitely tempting me! DAMN YOUR PHOTOGENIC-NESS! But I know how much you love vibrant lenses, so I totally understand your disappointment with these.

    I personally prefer more natural lenses, so I'm really not sure why I got the Apple Greens either LOL. I think it was because they're green I felt they'd look better on me. I wear them a lot in pictures, but they're a little too much for everyday use yet XD I really, really wish I got either Chocolate or Sesame Grey now! I think it was also my misunderstanding that more girls had the latter two that I got Apple Greens, but I guess all of them are pretty popular anyway. GOD DAMNIT, I wish I jumped on the pre-order train with Fobby Barbie! Damn my not wanting to wait for things... even though now I have to wait even longer since I didn't bother putting in an order in the first place LOL.

    Oh shiet, I forgot to post on your last entry! Sorry <33 Guh, I'm so jealous how you can pull off lenses with very little to no makeup!! I look straight up crazy o.o

  6. Love your lens reviews! I don't know if you know but I am WENJJANG from soompi. I always love how yo go in depth about each and every lens. It helps to much when I go look for lens I want to try. ^^

  7. otto- Gracias! Yeah, to me, the design of this series is its saving grace, as its lack of coverage makes me sad. Haha

    Elle- Yup yup: redux it is. xD It's certainly better than the 1st review, I believe. >.>

    Broadway- Merci beaucoup~! <3

    Semi- With your skin tone? No, no: green would be the absolute PERFECT colour on you. :] And thanks for commenting~.

    Katie- Haha- it's okay, hun: I've been skimping on commenting on my Blogger buddies' posts. >.> And oh man-- there's no telling why you get a certain lens, sometimes. xD Impulse buys, FTW!!

    강왠진- Aw, thank you for commenting! And oohh- I DO know you from Soompi. : D Glad my tendency to ramble has been able to benefit others. Haha.