Review: Neo Dali Extra Blue

These lenses were kindly sponsored by the super fancy LoveShoppingholics. (Check out the site: it's so well-organized. o.o )   I haven't tried blue lenses in a long time, as indeed, it is difficult to find a blue that is flattering on me.  When I found these in my parcel, though, I was game to see if these would suit me. :]

In the end, the colour looks pretty good, but I am nit-picky and very particular about my lenses, so.... read on!

Enlargement: 8/10 This series is often listed as being 14.8 mm. (I'm pretty sure it's 14.2, though. Haha.) In any case, the enlargement effect is closer to a lens of a 14.5 mm DIA.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 Allow me to begin with an explanation of this colour: it is a true blue, with a hint of green to it.  In sunlight, verryyy vibrant, as the pics show. In almost any other lighting, the colour is dark/subtle. I mean, you can generally still tell they're blue, but the colour doesn't 'pop' the same way in medium or low light. :/  I like the vibrant, deep blue, in daylight, but you just do not always see it, and I'm not a fan of dark colours.


- Neo Dali Extra Blue vs. Neo Sunflower Violet -

Comfort: 20/10 Comfort-wise. here's a chart of all the brands I've tried: Neo and Hana SP&Eye > EOS > G&G/Dueba/Vassen > Geo. That is, Neo lenses feel almost truly like nothing when I wear them.

So in conclusion, if this blue were more opaque, then maybe it would be vibrant in any lighting, and it would be a more loved lens. Unfortunately, this is not the case.  And while they look great a lot of the time, colour-wise, it's not consistent enough for me.   Somehow, though, they've still grown on me a bit. <3 Haha.

And here are the extra pics, as usual: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.
You can watch the video review here on Youtube, or view it below.


  1. ouuu those lenses look good on you though ^__^ and i love the animal plushie toy you're holding :) hehee so cuttee & great review btw ^_^ so thorough

  2. I like this color on you, actually. I have this thing about matching sometimes so these would go great with any outfit provided I wore a nice pair of jeans. I was thinking about getting these too! <3 You read my mind Noxin.

  3. I don't think there exists a lens that doesn't look good on you, honestly. These are no exception, I love these on you! For me, I think the blue stands out really nicely, but I can see why you like lighter colors, because they look amazing on you *__* I'm still loving this color on you though, so gorgeous >w<

  4. I love these! They look gorgeous on you! I have always considered buying these but, knowing me, I think that the enlargement isn't massive enough. lol :)
    They look so good on you though! Although I like vibrant lenses, I like the dark blue color on these because the pupil hole is kinda big, I think it blends better.

  5. Ugh Im So Jealous!!! I'm Gonna Try To Sneak Me A Pair After Prom So I Can Wear Them To Senior Week. And Thanks For The Comment On The Midnight Rainbow, Even Though It Isnt My Look Im Really Happy You Liked It!


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  7. these look awesome and the colour looks great on you!

  8. Sandy- Merci! Yeah-- my friend bought Biff (yes, I named him, haha) for me from a Claire's last year. <33

    Ava- Haha- I'm sorta' matchy-matchy, too. With lenses. I can definitely see you rocking some more blue lenses. 8)

    Katie- Awww. >_< You make me blush~~.

    Teenyyy- Gracias! And this series totally DOES blend well with lighter eyes. <3

    Semi- Haha- niicee~. And actually, I snuck a pair to my prom. Haha. Do iitt~~

    Broadway- Thank you~!