Review: EOS Flower Green

Sorry for going AWOL-- all shall be explained in a future post. o:  As for today, here's an older review for another one of the very few circle lenses I  do not like (or rather, didn't like, since I no longer have them). These, like several of my other lenses, were from De Moi, Pour Vous. <3 Love her sales/promos! :] 

Enlargement: 8/10 These're 14.0 lenses, but they do provide some enlargement. C: Not my most enlarging pair of the same size, but still noticeable.

Colour/Design: 7.5/10 Wow, the petal pattern is so pretty, I just can't get over it. <33 And the green has this almost iridescent,fantastical quality about it. Lovely design and colour, just not fitting for me in the end. I would have liked to see more colour: on me, it looks like a thin ring of green and I'd rather like more coverage.


(direct sunlight)

Comfort: 10/10 As I've come to expect from EOS lenses, these're crazy comfortable. <33

Overall: These lenses were gorgeous, but not right for me, sadly. Indeed, although I had wanted to try green lenses for ages, I ended up not keeping these ones. Yes, they're subtle and pretty and such, but I suppose I wanted more noticeable lenses. So consider me on the hunt for sea-foam, spring, or forest green lenses with a good bit of coverage.
Once again, no video review, friends. Sorry! But you know how it goes: if I got rid of the lenses, there's no video review~.


  1. I think these lenses are very pretty on you! But if you don't like them it's better not to wear them or you'd be uncomfortable with your look all day!! I agree with you about the color, I like lenses with a lighter colour, but they seem not too bad. ^.^

  2. how disappointing =( i saw the pink ones and hoped they would be brighter looking. I know you probably have 10x more circle lense than me, so can you please please recommend me a pair of pink lense? i want one that stands out and is very light colored(not dark like max pure pinks) ? :)

    i want to go on a circle lense haul soon =P

  3. Great lenses, Sorry but i just realize that you and me have a lot in common, Im studying international relations and I will get my degree in IR,Im also hoping to get a double degree in Spanish.. I also love languages Ive study many and now Im trying to improve my French... I hope you dont think Im crazy or anything =) have a great day

  4. Teddy- Thank you~. :] And it wasn't so much the colour I didn't like, it was that there wasn't enough colour. I was hoping for more coverage of my natural eye colour. Oh well. I'll try again soon, I suppose.

    Ushishi- Mm- I daresay that the WonderEye/(Dueba) Barbie Super Nudy Pink also called G&G Super Nudy Pink) is a rather pastel/light pink. <3 Also, the EOS pink lenses seem to be showing up rather well. If you check the most recent page of the Gaia Official CL thread, you'll see that kiwiberry posted a pic of the Flower Pink and the Adult Pink. ~~ And I'd looove to do a CL haul soon, but.. well. I'm broke right now. Haha. Good luck!

    Amandita- Ah-- too true. I am doing international relations right now (and hoping to study abroad). :) Pshhh- you're not crazy-- you're like, me in the future (who can speak Spanish). Haha. Thanks for stopping by~. I may bother you with questions about your experience(s) studying abroad too, just so you know.

  5. Oh how fun lol I thinking the same about you, I m going to Spain as an exchange student this fall and I'm like super nervous, but I think you should definitely go abroad study its great for your CV or I mean job application ... You can ask me anything girl =)