Review: G&G/Dueba Max Pure Pink

My second pair of pink lenses, these were.  I think these were one of, if not the first of the many, many Dueba/Barbie/G&G Pink lenses that now litter the Land of Circle Lenses. I saw them on Pinky Paradise a few days after they were made available, and seeing as nowhere else had them for sale, I rushed and put in an order for a pair, Haha.

Enlargement: 11/10 Holy mother of Odin these lenses are huge. o.o I literally stared at my eyes when I tried them on the first time. They look insane without makeup~. These are my most enlarging lenses ever, definitely. <3 14.5 mm is officially where I stop.


Colour/Design: 9.5/10 I . Love. These lenses. Period. They're a much more realistic alternative to my Beaucon Jewel Pinks. I just... wish they were a bit more obviously and unabashedly pink. Hence the lack of a full ten out of ten. Ooh! And bonus: they give me a halo pretty often. (Example)


Beaucon Jewel Pink vs. G&G/Dueba Max Pure Pink 

Comfort: 10/10 Super comfy~. ♥ They're right on par with my EOS lenses (my most comfy brand). I've worn them for 8 or so hours with no drying or anything.

Overall: To keep it simple: I love these lenses. I mean, I ordered them because they had such a cool concept, but ended up liking them a lot more than I thought I would. Still not a 'true' pink lens, but one step closer to one, I think.


  1. I like how they look on you. Very doll like.



  2. Nur- Aw, thank you! They're definitely some of my favourite lenses. <3

  3. Oh wow! That look really really cute on you! It does enlarge your eyes huge!!

  4. omgs i love your lenses!

  5. Your too cute.
    and the lenses look really good on you!


  6. Bunny- Aw, thanks! And yeah-- I've just begun to get used to their size. Haha

    amanda- Thank you! :3

    Starrla- Thank you muchly!

  7. Gorgeous contact lens color..Haven't try any pink lens before..Thank you the review..

    Thank for commenting and follow my blog..I follow you back..

  8. Anonymous12/9/10 22:45

    Hi I think u look gorgeous with pink lenses more than with other colors, really :) Anyway about true pink lenses, maybe u should try I.Fairy super crystal pink. I can't wait to see the review on ur site!!!

  9. Angie - Thank you! :] And thanks so much for stopping by! <3 I'm sure you could pull off pink lenses really well. C:

    Anonymous - Aw, merci, Anon. Haha. And yeah-- I have more pink lenses, don't worry. ;] My review for my EOS Adult Pink will be up in a few days.

  10. Anonymous13/9/12 00:53

    Hey i just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your blog and all your reviews with pictures. It's really useful whenever I have to make a choice for contact lens lol anyway THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!

  11. Anonymous4/11/14 14:03

    I just wanted to thank you, Noxin! I miss your reviews. You haven't posted in a long time. I'm sure you're extremely busy and don't have time for this blog anymore, but thank you for keeping everything up. Your collection of circle lenses has been a huge guide for me as I purchase and try out so many different brands and colors of lenses. I hope you return and start more reviews!!!!! Thanks again.