Review: Bescon Tutti Circle Grey (1 yr.)

Yep-- fooled ya! Haha. No Palty reviews til tomorrow. ;] Anyway, I'm back to reviewing lenses that I like. :D Sah-weet~.  These I bought in a Halloween order from Twinkle Lens for-- get this- $22. <33 Nngh.

Enlargement: 8.5/10  Hrm, I was more after colour than enlargement here, but all the same, these are rather enlarging. They are wonderful for their opacity, but their size is a nice bonus.

Colour/Design: 9/10  Holy crap is this grey pretty. <33 A friend actually mentioned they're close to a bluish-grey. Eh,so long as they keep on looking good with everything I wear, I don't quite care what hue of grey they are. Oh, and it's a very vibrant shade, too, that shows up in all kinds of light. (A world of difference from the quarterly Tutti Circle Violets I had.)


Comfort: 9.5/10  Very very comfy. I've forgotten I'm wearing them quite a few times in the past. (Almost took a nap with them in, nearly wore them into the shower, etc.) Comparable to my G&G lenses.

Overall: I think this is still my favourite of all the grey lenses I've tried. :] Simple, but true. I wear these... the most often out o all my lenses, actually, I'd say, except for maybe my Max Pure Pinks. I hope I can get the brown and aqua from this series in the future~.
You can find the video review here or just look below. Next up: Palty reviews later today. o:


  1. ooo! They do look pretty!
    Thank you for the review~!!

  2. i love them!!! your eyes look like cat eyes!!!
    xx Dominique

  3. Dolce♥Bunny- Aw, thank y' miss. :] I do love my Tuttis~. :3

    Follow me- Haha- merci! I get that cat's eyes comment frequently, strangely enough. C: