Review: Palty Milk Tea Brown

Aughh~. Yesterday I went to get my hair deep-conditioned at this salon and afterward, got the ends trimmed. My haircut looks horrid. D:  It's, like, bluntly cut all the way around-- any layering I had is gone. ;_;  *sigh*  C'est la vie, though. 

So I'm pretty fond of experimenting with my hair. :]  Thus, my many, many different hair colours over the years.  Most recently, a few months ago, I bought two boxes of Palty (on eBay), and added some colour to my dark brown/black hair. This brand's colours are awesome because they do lift your natural colour if it's darker than the one the box. <3

This review is for the first of the two Palty hair dyes I used: Milk Tea Brown.  My hair was undyed, for the most part (although I did have platinum blonde skunk stripe in 9th grade, a few years ago), and what had been dyed, was visible juusstt a little bit on the ends of my hair, which were a little lighter than the rest of my hair. The before and after pics were taken in sunlight. (P.S. Please ignore my lack of photogenic-ness-- I was sick the day that I dyed my hair.)

Ew. D:


The picture below shows my hair about 2 weeks after using the dye, (It's kind of hard to see, since this pic shows only the front of my hair, but I only dyed a few chunks. On the whole, my hair looked lighter, due to having just some hair dyed with MTB.)

So yeah-- overall, the Milk Tea Brown worked really well, even with my incomplete application.  It's also a good way to lighten your hair up to a pleasant, pretty brown so that other Palty colours will show up more easily.  Super convenient~.


  1. I loveeee the colour! great choice. Does the colour spread evenly? :)

  2. ive wanted to try palty but i have light hair
    gah curse being eurasian sometimes!

  3. May- Late reply, sorry! <3 Wherever I used the dye, yes, the colour came out evenly. :]

    ranklechick- Palty's colours aren't just bleach-- they also have colour-- you could definitely give it a go. :] A lot of girls have light hair to start with (dyed or otherwise) who use Palty-- the only difference might be hair texture. (But hey-- if it works on my hair, it couldn't do too badly on yours.)