Let's Talk About Hair Colour: Palty

Sooo~ you may or may not have heard of a little brand called Palty: they make products for hair (and even some makeup). Most famously, hair dye.  Their line has a wide range of colours with a simply adorable box/packaging design that seems to come standard with all Japanese products. <3 Palty products are manufactured by the company Dariya, which makes a a few other hair and cosmetics brands.  

Below is the current line of hair dyes.
More easily recognized, though, is their older colour chart, seen, once again, below. (As always, click for foull size. But there's an even larger version here.)

Actually..... their older box design(s) were cute, too. You'll find them around sometimes, still, along with some discontinued colours.

Palty is well-known for lightening your hair to better match the colour shown on the box (this is due to the fact that most of the above colours have a little bit of bleach in them), but they also have dark dyes that are bleach-less as well as full on bleaches (the first three items).

The prices for a box range from about $10 (USD) to $20.  Really, though? I've not paid more than $14 total for a box-- no more than $10 before shipping-- there's no need to get jipped, right? Haha. (Check out eBay, WebIchi, TakeHerb, and other places....shop around!)

You can see some examples of people who've used Palty in Soompi's 'Palty Hair Dye 411' thread if you skim through. :] (Me included.)  

Actually... the whole reason for this vague and rambling post is as sort of an introduction for the two next (non circle lens) reviews I'll be doing: Palty Milk Tea Brown and Palty Bleach-Natural Brown. That is, you'll see how well Palty worked for me. Stay tuned~!


  1. I've got one and have yet to try it out! It's collecting dust in my drawer. lol. I can't wait to see your reviews! ^^

  2. I want to try them ou tso bad! I know Tsubasa has some colors and the reds look really good. I want it nao! And I like the box change. I like the present design

  3. May- Oh la la~ what colour do you have hidden away? <3 I can't imagine any colours you'll look bad with. C:

    Ivie- Do iitt~~. o.o Palty makes me oh-so-very happy.

  4. Hey, just replying to your comment on my blog. Your take on it is the perfect way of putting it.

    Just had a look at your blog (and joined). I'm a huge fan of coloured contacts, hair dye and most things asian and i'm only half way down the page and you already have posts about two different coloured contacts, hair dye and asian hairdye so thats it, I'm sold. HAD to add you =p