Review: EOS Candydoll (G-202) Violet

Alright, so these were my first pair of 'big' lenses: they're 14.5 mm. I got them from the much-beloved De Moi, Pour Vous. It took me quite some time to get used to these lenses as I thought they made me look like an alien (I still kind of do...), but they've grown on me. :] Now I wear them fairly often, for lenses I'm not too fond of.

Enlargement: 10/10 Oohhh boy: they. Are. HUGE. Like... beyond big. I think I've found my max size in terms of circle lenses. I now cannot imagine wearing 14.7, 14.8, or --gawd forbid- 15.0 mm lenses.  As I've mentioned, I find these to be almost too big on my eyes.

Colour/Design: 9/10 Like all three of the lenses I got from De Moi Pour Vous' BOGO free promo, I got these ones on a whim. Basically, I wanted to try a pair of 14.5 mm lenses as I'd never had any. They're very pretty and the design's super-cute. These Candy Magic/King Size/Pop C. Light look-alikes are adorable. ;3


Comfort: 10/10 Do I need to explain how comfy EOS lenses always are for me? Very. ♥

Overall: These lenses have a gorgeous violet colour. They're not as dark as my BT02 Vi's, but not as pale/pastel as my GBT Vi's. It's a simple, pretty, purple.  However, they are big. Very big. Nearly too big for me, I feel. Even with makeup, they seem to give a bit of an alien-eye effect. I dunno'. Bahhhh~. Either way, they're damn pretty, and super-comfy. They're also very easy to match, and even go well with my skin tone. I just don't wear them too often.
Video review can be found here or right below.

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  1. These look very striking and pretty on you! But I agree, you probably shouldn't go any bigger.

  2. they look huge o_o i was thinking of buying these in brown or pink to try out the design(it has practically the same design as angel lense just larger) but im scared they will look scary =P

    oh and my chi is just a regular 1 inch, i got it about 6 years ago so it's the original chi nothing fancy .

  3. wow!they look really violet!! I think you look very good with this lenses an they are big, but not scary or alien... you only have to get used to them, like me and my 14.8 they're huge!! but now I love them!!

  4. chung- Thank you! And yeah... definitely staying at the 14.5 and smaller range. Haha

    Ushishi- Bahh-- on you? I'm absolutely sure this size and design would look just fine. It's the REALLy big series you have to watch out for. o:

    Teddy- Haha. Too true, too true. The key to liking these lenses was simply getting used to them. The colour is definitely something I've always liked, too.

  5. they are like super cute wow

  6. Amandita- Aww, thank you! They're rather endearing, yes, I suppose. :3

  7. Anonymous22/7/10 22:42

    really you got them from de moi pour vous? because i just ordered geo super angel brown, and angel green...but it's been two months now....and i still haven't received them T^T...
    i payed by conceealed cash and that toook two weeks. and after that it's been nearly two months and still haven't gotten them.
    how long did it take to get to you? she doesn't even email back T___T

  8. Anonymous- Youch-- I'm sorry that happened to you. :/ I've heard that lately she's been having some health issues. However, in my experience, she was always good about replying to messages in timely manner.

    In your case, you have a few things going against you, the first being that you paid with concealed cash internationally. Concealed cash is already risky enough within one's own country, but going across the world increases the chances of something going wrong. The two weeks is on account of the postal service, so I'd discount De Moi's involvement in that.

    As for the delivery time, did she send you a shipping/delivery confirmation code? Because, again, once it's with the postal system(s), it's out of a seller's hands and they can't do anything about how long it takes. :/ As it is, packages to the States from De Moi (in the Philippines) have taken up to a month, maybe a bit more on occasion.

    Sorry, but I can't give you an estimate on when they'll arrive, but I should hope soon. It seems I have the luck of the Irish, because my first order from there too 3 or so weeks, and the next about two. Hopefully your parcel wasn't lost during shipment. DD: