OOTD: 90° F and Still Trying

Yep.... once it hits, like 85° F (~30° C), I typically stop caring and focus more on surviving without heatstroke. Haha. However, last Thursday, when it was a bit over 90° F, I kinda' tried to put something together. Something I wouldn't burn up in, but didn't look terrible. :D Enjoy~

Tanktop: Wet Seal; Shorts: Charlotte Russe

(I also tried a little sloppy high bun-- inspired by all the fun Asian fashion editorials + magazine spreads and such. I see them a lot whenever I shop on one of the wholesale sites, and even in the 'western world', too. Anyway, below is the clip I used to accent the front of my bun. ♥ )

Hair Clip: Local Weekly Flea Market- Asia Fashion Wholesale 'Shop'

Long Pendant Necklace: Claire's

Flower Belt: Local Weekly Flea Market- Asia Fashion Wholesale 'Shop'

Flats: T.J. Maxx

So there you go, me dressing well in the current (literal) heatwave we're having where I live. I've since halfway given up, which you'll see in the next OOTD that I post. Haha. Get ready... for me being desperate to not overheat, but also, desperate to not look horrid. 8)  Yeahhh~

Anyway, until next time (and I have two jobs now, so who knows when that will be), toodles!



  1. wow!! I love your shoes!! Here it's 40ºC (~105ºF) and I'm melting!!! we usually reach more than 45ºC (113ºF) on August so this summer I'm going to die! welcome to the summer!!!
    Anyway i like very much this outfit, it's cute. ^.^

  2. Teddy- Thank you! And WOW-- 40ºC?!? @_@ Oh my god. I hope you stay indoors during that kind of weather.

    I can't imagine the weather going over 100ºF-- that is the highest temperature I have ever experienced. o: Good luck surviving the heat!

  3. OMG< i love your flower belt! That is soooo loli yet chic. Love it love it!!

  4. woo woo, love the pics. love the belt too.

    i tagged you for a blog award so check out my blog so you can accept your award :)

  5. Bunny- Thanks so much! It's pretty much my favourite belt ever. :] ...I wish I was loli. >.>'

    Velvet- Thank you~. I'm not the best at full body pics, usually, but I'm learning. Haha. And oohh- an award? o: Merci!! I shall surely pass it on to others and display it with pride.

  6. OH MY GOSH!! I keep seeing cuter and cuter posts when I go farther back into your history! I love these clothes and the accessories! great choices!