Review: Palty Bleach- Natural Brown

Part two of my Palty reviews, this one for Palty Bleach- Natural Brown. About two or three weeks after I used Milk Tea Brown on my hair, I decided to use my second box of Palty. This time, I used a bit of my Bleach-Natural Brown to put a few streaks/chunks in. I also 'painted' a bit on the ends/bottom third of my hair, often times right over where I'd already used the MTB.

(Ugh- sick day picture. D: )


Yep-- I was rather content with the multi-coloured state of my hair. <33  Perhaps I'll use either one of the colours again when next I dye my hair...


  1. it looks nice! I thought it was going to be more blond but it turned out really nice! I like it ^^

  2. Bunny- Thank you! And I thought it was going to be a bit more blonde too. Haha. Still, like you said, it still turned out well. :3

  3. Anonymous7/9/10 21:17

    Are u mixed because I'm african American and I thought this would only work on a certain hair type.

  4. Moi? Yep, I'm a mixed gal. c: I've seen it work on what people like to call 'ethnic' hair before.

    And it's just hair dye: it wouldn't only work on one hair type: it might be better suited to one type/texture of hair, but hair IS just hair in the end.

    Palty's a hair dye with a bit of bleach in most colours.